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Feb 5, 2008 11:52 AM

Xiao Long Baos & Stinky Tofu

I know Taiwan Cafe has amazing xiao long baos but is there anywhere else in Massachusetts that has delicious ones? And while we're at it, where's your favorite place to get Stinky (fermented) Tofu? Uncle Cheung's has it in Framingham.. and I didn't like the Taiwan Cafe one...

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  1. Sorry, I can't help with the stinky tofu. Here's a thread that's been going the past couple of days about xiao long bao:

    1. Can you describe the Stinky Tofu at TC? When I lived in Taibei, a vendor of Stinky Bean Curd used to park his cart right under my bedroom window every morning at 7am. The smell was nauseating, but the flavor was addictive!

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        TC's stinky stuff is fried then tossed with pickled cabbage. pretty straight forward, and not too stinky. they also do a steamed stinky tofu but that is only available as take away but i've never tried it.

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          We saw chou4 dou4 fu on the weekend dim sum menu at Green Tea in Newton this Sunday, but didn't try it.

      2. I also think Uncle Cheung's stinky tofu is better than Taiwan Cafe's. TC's ST is a bit weak for my taste.

        XLB in MA is mediocre at best. The "best" you can get is from Wing's kitchen and Shanghai Gate.

        If you want truly delicious XLB, you have to go to NYC or Vancouver BC.

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          I have not eaten the stinky tofu at uncle cheungs but i can vouch for the stinkyness of it! I was there for dimsum and it was so strong that one person in our group asked the owner what the stench was! She explained that they are famous for their stinky tofu and that people come from all around for it.

        2. I love Taiwan Cafe and order the XLB every time I go, but they aren't my favorite XLB in town. I like the XLB at Wing's Kitchen and at New Shanghai, too, but neither of them are my favorite, either. So far, my favorite XLB are, unfortunately, only available during weekend dim sum at, believe it or not, Mary Chung in Central Square. IMHO, best combination of manageable size, thin skins, flavorful filling and lots of broth inside.