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Feb 5, 2008 11:31 AM

New member (hi!)- Jiko for Valentine's Day...recs?

Hello! First off, this is my first post here after a few weeks of lurking...I love food and love to eat, but just graduated college and am...well, kinda broke, so I have to pick and choose my culinary indulgences carefully. I depend greatly on recommendations and reviews from fellow food lovers and have found this site to be a great resource!

Okay- on to my question. My fiance and I are going to Jiko for V-day (in the Animal Kingdom Lodge in WDW). I checked out the menu at (a great resource for Disney restaurants- has current menus, reviews, etc.), but was wondering if anyone here had any specific recommendations that I MUST try? I love spicy, will eat anything except pork, so I'm open to all recs. Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've had friends whom have had the Lamb Shank and the Filet.

    1. We went to Jiko in was fabulous!!! My absolute favorite was the Artichoke Peppadew Flatbread Appetizer with cilantro yogurt was outstanding. I've heard they had a change in chef so I"m not sure it's still on their menu, but if it is, its great. Also excellent were the sweet potato tamales. My husband got the appetizer of 3 dips with different breads/crackers.(Taste of Africa) He loved all of them (and some were spicy) but it wasn't my taste.

      I also had the mushroom soup (golden changerelle) and it was excellent, and we shared the cheese platter. My husband and daughter loved all the cheeses...I only liked two...but again, that was a personal taste thing...

      We didn't have entrees because the apps looked so good so I can't comment on them....but they looked delicious.

      For dessert, the kids had ice cream, but I had the pistachio creme brulee....yum!

      Also, when we finished dinner, we browsed around the lobby and while there, a staff member "recruited" folks for a parade...he took us to the gift shop, let everyone take an instrument (a drum or shaker) taught us a song, and we all paraded around the lobby. It was probably more fun for us as a family with kids, than it might be for you on a romantic valentine's dinner with your fiancee, but it was neat. They also have a firepit in the lobby you can sit in front's a beautiful hotel.