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Half bottle cabernet sauvignon?

I have a half bottle of cabernet sauvignon left and I'd like a recipe to use it, no meat but fish is OK. I know of many recipes for white wine but all of the red wine ones seem to require meat.

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  1. The Two Fat Ladies had a recipe for poaching salmon in red wine, and I saw a lovely fish dish on Gordon Ramsey's "The f word" that had a red wine shallot sauce.

    You might have luck finding a recipe for the latter through this thread:


    1. The cookbookd How to Cook Everything has a receipe for salmon in red wine sauce that had onions in it. BUT it was the worst thing I've ever made. It made the wine seem rusty and the salmon super fishy. Just a warning... But if you do succeed, please post and tell me what to do next time!

      1. half a bottle of red wine? .........never heard of such a thing, hehe.

        once, in a restaurant, i shared an appetizer of sauteed mushrooms which had been cooked in red wine and other spices. These were VERY good.

        here is one seafood dish:


        another option is red wine risotto, like this:




        recipes i've seen for buerre rouge, also say you can serve it over rice or vegetables.

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          Some of it could also be used in a mushroom risotto.

        2. Make a blackberry-red wine sorbet. IQF blackberries work just fine. I also like red wine cranberry sauce, though I like it with meat.

          1. ooh, did a quick search, and this also sounds good:


            1. I've noticed a bunch of red wine pasta recipes on TV lately. Michael Chiarello had one where he par boiled pasta in water for 5 minutes and then finished cooking it in a bottle of zinfandel. This was tossed with broccoli rabe sauteed with garlic and chili flakes in olive oil. Then saw the Rachel Ray - Batali team on iron chef do a "drunken pasta" with sausages and I forget what vegetable. Finally, just this past weekend saw Mary Ann Esposito make a penne with red wine sauce: http://ciaoitalia.com/rc_recipe_view.... In fact the whole episode was about cooking with red wine.

              Edited to add a link to the Chiarello recipe: http://www.napastyle.com/recipe/recip...

              1. Oooooh, there's a great recipe from Gourmet that uses pasta, red wine garlic, olive oil, broccoli florets, parm cheese, etc. It turns the pasta this bright purple color and it's amazing!

                It's called Red Wine Spaghetti w/ Broccoli: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                (just saw the post above... sounds like the same concept)

                1. How about pears poached in red wine?

                  1. Marinate fresh grapefruit segments in the wine along with a little honey and some tarragon. Serve them with fish that you've grilled. Don't marinate fish in Cabernet Sauvignon. Just don't.