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Feb 5, 2008 10:59 AM

Hopefully, I am missing something (Southwest)

My office is in Oak Hill, more or less, and I am tired of eating the same places time after time. I am going to list a small highlight of places if you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Geographical limits of my search (you don't need to take these to liberally): Bee Caves Rd to the North, Slaughter to the South, The Y to the west, and the West Gate/ South Lamar line to the East

Flores: Not bad, but not my favorite, tasty fajitas that come out on a sizzling platter (pet peeve, I would rather have them on a plate. I have an inordinate fear of grease to the eyeball). Salsa is hot and flavorful, but does not appeal to my taste. Heated up store bought chips. Most dishes have about two levels of grease more than necessary. Sleeper: Fajita nachos are a good large lunch portion that won't burn your retinas

Rosie's on 71- Blah plain Mexican food nothing inspiring, ketchup for salsa.

Donn's Texas BBQ- Tasty BBQ chicken, green beans, jalapeno sausage, squash, mac and cheese. Nothing great, but good.

Green Mesquite - Every once in a while I will go get a CFS (mediocre), otherwise nothing is that great, though I might try the wings someone mentioned on another thread.

Evangeline - Passable gumbo, though it appears both the seafood variety and the chicken and sausage variety utilize chicken stock.

Hyde Park Grill - tasty, but overpriced burgers, but I do not like their fries that much. I have heard their salads are good, so I may try that.

Madam Mam's - Enough has been said previously, but kinda a heavy lunch, if you have any dishes you recommend, then I would appreciate it. I blank out when I walk in the door, so I have kind of wandered through their menu blind without any real knowledge of Thai foods.

Spec's - quite possibly my favorite lunch spot in the area. Reuben is well grilled, constructed, and tasty. the Chick Chick is a good chicken salad sandwich on a croissant. I did not particularly like the Cuban. the muffaletta was good not great. The pickles are outstanding. You get to shop for booze while you wait, which is nice.

I can't remember anything else right now because I have the attention span of a crack addled laboratory monkey, but I will add stuff as I go along. Please feel free to suggest good dishes at bad restaurants because that is what I need if I meet peers or friends for lunch.

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  1. If you can make it to South Lamar as your eastern border, I recommend trying Azul Tequila. It is the same shopping center as the Target at the Ben White/S Lamar intersection. I think their conchinita pibil--served with plantains-- is one of the better versions in Austin. Skip the flour tortillas and order corn or eat the pibil solo. I can't speak to anything else on the menu, but feedback on this board for their Mexican dishes is generally favorable.

    1. I've had good experiences both at lunch and breakfast at the Satellite Cafe. It's in the far NW corner of the shopping center (sorry, don't know the name) at the Y. That would be the shopping center on the west side of HWY 71. The menu items always tste fresh and the menu's relatively eclectic.

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        I second the Satellite Cafe, in the shopping center with Gatti Town. Also, the Firebowl Cafe on Brodie (same side as Barnes and Noble and World Market) does a pretty decent stir-fry. You pick your meat and sauce, and you get a bowl to load up on the veggies you want to add to the stir fry. I can always make two meals out of it. Craig-O's (near Best Buy on the Mo-Pac/Ben White intersection) has good pizza/italian for the area.

      2. On Slaughter and Brodie, in the Shady Hollow shopping center, with the Randalls etc. There is Galaxy Cafe and Tino's Greek Cafe. Two good lunch options. Of course, there are numerous other restaurants in that center, but those are my favorites.