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Feb 5, 2008 10:51 AM

Where to buy Harissa?

Looking for some guidance from chowhounds on where to find harissa, the red pepper paste common in Moroccan cooking. I know it must be somewhere, but so far every place I've tried doesn't carry it anymore or the clerks look at me funny when I ask about it.

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  1. Geez...bought this a while ago to try an Ana Sortun recipe in the Times - I think I got it at Whole Foods, but can't be sure. maybe the Market Basket in Somerville might carry it? Otherwise, I would think that Christina's spice shop in Inman, or that place in Arlington - penzey's - or maybe the middle eastern shops on Mt. Auburn in Watertown.

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      Penzey's does not carry harissa, but I suspect the middle eastern markets on Mount Auburn are indeed the best bet.

      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        Christina's definitely has it. Also, you can easily make your own using ingredients available at Christina's: dried chiles (Ancho, New Mexico, and/or other varieties), caraway seeds, coriander seeds, curry powder, good olive oil, and optional tomato paste and/or sundried tomatoes. I made some last weekend as a Super Bowl dip (with mini-pitas) and it went over very well. If you're interested, try the Chow home cooking board or internet for recipes. James Peterson and Paula Wolfert both have good recipes.

      2. Watertown Markets carry it.

        1. You should look funny back at them. It's only harissa, after all.

          Syrian Grocery Importing Co. in the South End, next to Formaggio on Shawmut Ave, has it.

          1. Call up Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma. I saw one of those stores having jars of the condiment a week or two ago.

            1. Whole Foods carries the original one from Cap Bon. They don't sell the tube but the small can version, which is a little wasteful since you never use that much.