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Feb 5, 2008 10:37 AM

Drumlin Farm Meats- what to do with ground goat meat? [moved from Boston board]

Always check the meat freezer when I leave drumlin farm. They generally have a few internal organs and some sausage but not much else. This weekend I found a lone package of lamb loin chops and some ground goat. I cooked the lamb last night - simply the sweetest, most wonderful lamb I have ever had. Worth a look in the freezer when you are there - not worth a special trip as it is very hit or miss.

My question: What should I do with a package of ground goat meat?


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  1. My first two thoughts for ground goat meat are moussaka or samosa. Additional thoughts are a shepard's pie [or whatever the goat equivalant is] and anything else you might make with ground <insert meat here> such as meatballs or meatloaf.

    1. It sounds like a tasty start for taco/burrito filling.

      1. Moussaka for sure - I've done it with goat and it's great. Also keema mattar or any Indian dish that uses ground meat. Goat works well with strong spices. Or make some keftas with Middle Eastern spicing, skewer and grill.

        1. Oh my gosh! I grew up outside Boston in the 60's and 70's and that's where we went on school field trips to pet the goats! I'm devastated.

          Oh well...I like the Kefta (Kofta) idea the best. I make mine with the ground meat du jour and the following:

          minced onion and garlic
          raw egg, beaten
          minced fresh cilantro
          minced fresh jalapeno
          ground cumin and coriander
          pinch of household curry powder or garam masala
          lots of coarse ground black pepper
          sea salt
          a little olive oil if the meat is very lean

          mix well, form around the skewer and grill, then sprinkle lightly with fresh lemon and dust the meat with sumac
          serve with grilled tomato and onion wedges, and basmati rice with a pat of butter on top

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          1. re: HSBSteveM

            We used to raise goats - mainly for the milk - when my children were young. In order to have milk, you need to breed the does and they'll produce milk after the kids are born. Females we kept and either added to the herd or sold to become dairy goats. The males, well, that's another story. No one needs to keep a buck if you only have a small herd - you just get one in at breeding time to take care of business then send him back where he came from. They're smelly and can be aggressive. The only alternative, then, is meat. And this, alas, is what we did.

            My sons didn't know this. They assumed we sold the bucks to a "good home". When I served the meat, I called it "chops" or "stew" or "curry" or whatever. They didn't ask - I didn't tell.

            Fast forward about 15 years. My sons are now both in their twenties and only maybe 3 or 4 years ago learned the truth. Mature, independent, young adults that they are - they were horrified, livid and still haven't forgiven us.

            Ah well, the moussaka was always outstanding.

          2. In China, we bought a cookbook that calls for beef (instead of pork, which surprised us) in a Ma Po Tofu recipe. We have used ground buffalo, so why no goat?