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Oct 25, 2001 03:06 AM

Bravo Cucina in SM

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Any opinions?

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    Vanessa On The Town

    I work right across the Promenade from Bravo, so I eat lunch there occasionally. For lunch it's good because they have a lunch special where you can get soup or salad and a pasta or panini of the day. I have to say, I love their soup. Each day they have a vegetable pureƩ soup (non-dairy) that is very good. Generally, the salads are good, although pretty typical in the California-Italian style. Nothing unique. Their pastas are about the same, although they can be a little inconsistent. Sometimes I'm pleased, other times I feel they kind of threw it together and didn't really pay attention to the cooking. I haven't eaten any of the grilled dishes, but I've seen some salmon there that looked good. All in all, I think it's a pretty good lunch place. For dinner I would say it rates average.
    The service is generally good, although I've been there once where it was not. Might have just been a bad day.

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      Someone thought is was so good that she paid $700,000 for the business, effective last week!!!