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Feb 5, 2008 09:39 AM

Which one for drinks on Queen East?

On Saturday my other half and I are meeting another couple for drinks. But, being as we've been budget hermits for the last little while we haven't really explored bars on Queen East.

We're aiming for a comfy place with a good wine list & mixed drinks. Maybe some snacky-eats, but we're not thinking about dinner.
So far, searches have turned out a few possible haunts - if anyone here has been to any I'd love your feedback!

- Kubo
- Toast Restaurant
- The Comrade

Kubo seems like the best choice - since we could happily walk. Toast looks cute to boot, but I'm unsure about it's wine-ability. The Comrade seems stellar, but it's just at that grumpy point of being to far to walk yet wasteful to drive (so maybe another time).

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  1. I haven't been to Toast or The Comrade, but I think Kubo is good for drinks and snacks. Actually I think it's better for that purpose rather than a real meal.

    1. I really like Soma. It's chic but yet still comfortable.

      1. I'd definitely recommend The Comrade over your other two possibilities. They offer a good number of single glasses of wine, and also have many import beers on their menu. Hopefully the weather is mild, but I really think it's worth the walk.

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        1. re: Late Blooming Onion

          Absolutely second The Comrade. It's not really set up for large groups but would be perfect for 4.

        2. Comrade is lovely & cosy, but the only food is a cheese plate. and Citizen is also really nice & the snacks there are consistently yummy. Staff at both are friendly.

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          1. re: MartiniGirls

            comrade was really rude when I called to see about meeting some friends there for the hubbies birthday. There were only 10 of us and I phoned to ask if they could reserve a group of seats for us - they wouldn't because they said something about having a really low capacity for fire code and that if we reserved 10 seats they'd have to turn people away. Which is completely random as anytime I walk by they are empty and why you'd want to turn away 10 paying customers who called a week in advance just in case a whole bunch of random people suddenly wander in off the street is nonsensical. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush I say.

            1. re: shana

              I don't mean to discount what you're saying but were they actually rude in attitude? Or are you meaning that they were unreasonable in denying your request?

              1. re: artificialard

                what's wierd is that we reserved the back room for a party of 15 people in November- I don't know why they wouldn't have offered you that.

                  1. re: pescatarian

                    thanks for that- it's always refreshing for someone to give the bar the benefit of the doubt- it just sounded like that option wasn't offered. i do like comrade- their beer selection is fabulous.

                  2. re: MartiniGirls

                    Just to clarify the person I spoke to didn't seem interested in helping, didn't offer solutions or anything that would suggest they were sorry they couldn't help us this time - and make me think okay my bad for leaving it late (two weeks till the b-day) maybe some another time then.

                    Instead I got a bored sounding "yahhh I don't think so". When I asked him if we could have the back room or a portion of it I was first told not for such a small group and then when I asked about one of the couch/big padded bench areas in front that's when I got the very weird fire code excuse.

                    So basically 10 people was too small for their back room but then he was afraid reserving an area upfront for 10 people would push them over capacity.

                    Anyway that was just my experience take it as you will.

                    As an aside I made a reservation at Citizen and they were great - returned my call to say they'd check availability and call me back later that day to let me know - he then called back and said they could squeeze us in and that his name was Rod. Then at the dinner the chef came by to ask how we were enjoying our meal and introduced himself - Rodney. Which is when I figured out he was the Rod I'd spoken to and was so nice. Really amazing.

                    1. re: shana

                      hey- that's great about citizen. i went there and the kitchen had just closed, but we were starving- the bartender was so sweet & went to the back & the kitchen put together some really nice snacks for us. next time I'm in that area, i'll choose citizen over comrade. we should be rewarding good service.

                      1. re: MartiniGirls

                        Yes, I agree we should reward good service – by spreading the word and returning again and again. The same applies for service less than stellar….Which brings me to last night at The Comrade.

                        This was our third visit; I agree that Comrade’s décor, atmosphere and funky cocktails are a tremendous addition to Leslieville. The service last night, however, was horrendous! We seated ourselves in the table for four by the front door. Only to realize, once we were seated that the sliding garage-style door was open – a bit chilly for last night.

                        We ordered our drinks and pulled the door closed. No sooner had we done this than our waitress appeared telling us that “the door has to stay open” because it “gets hot in the back”. There was an offer to move us, but the offer was vague and as the rear of the bar was a little busy, we didn’t want to get up and blindly search for another seat. I think she should have set up a nice cosy retreat for us elsewhere in the establishment, then offered to move us there out of the cold. We closed the door again after this bizarre encounter only to find her at our table again telling us to open the door! One of our party asked “who wants the door open” and the waitress replied, “we do, and we’re the owners”. To this our (shocked) party member said, “and we’re the customers!” She capitulated (?) by propping open the main door instead of the garage door. At this point, however, it was apparent that things were just too awkward to be enjoyable and it was time to leave.

                        One of our party went to the bar to pay the bill, telling our waitress that she could re-open the door now as we were leaving. She went on to explain issues revolving around air conditioning and the $10,000 price tag for the sliding garage door. All of which was probably completely valid – but all we wanted was a nice cosy seat to have a drink.

                        This is the kind of venue we enjoy. It gets everything right with the exception of the fundamental rule of hospitality – make your customers feel welcome!!