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Feb 5, 2008 09:18 AM

Non-Dairy Birthday Treat - Long Beach

Hi All,
I have the task of buying a birthday cake, cupcakes, whatever for my classmate who is allergic to dairy. I am not - and don't really bake enough to know what is made with dairy products and what is not. - I'm fairly clueless on this.
A few perameters:
Lemon Meringue pie does not go over well with our group (it was tried in the past)
I am in Long Beach, so please keep your recommendations to this area - I'm not driving to WeHo to buy a vegan cake. Long Beach, Lakewood, Cypress, Seal Beach, westminster...

thanks in advance.

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  1. au lac veggie gourmet has decent desserts. even the non veg in the group enjoy th light cakes

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      they seem to be closed for renovation? and their website isn't working

    2. Maybe Whole Foods on PCH by Alamitos Marina??? At the very least, you could ask the person working the bakery counter for advice on options there. And if you wanted to do something from scratch, they do have mixes in their baking isle for non-gluten, non-dairy, etc.

      1. The first place I'd check would be Casa de Tree in Torrance. They are a vegan bakery, and make some good pastries and stuff (dougnuts, tarts, etc.). I'm not sure if they do many full on cakes, though. The suggestion for Whole Foods isn't bad either - they have a lot of vegan and non-dairy desserts, and they're in the same shopping center as Casa de Tree anyway.

        I know it's far, but Mani's or Real Food Daily really will have the best non-dairy cakes around.

        Au Lac is tasty, but possibly too far a drive. I'm not a big fan of the raw food, but raw desserts are often really amazing, and theirs were no exception (very rich, though). Even my gf, who's way not vegan liked the cake we got.

        If you're into baking at all, replacing dairy in most cake / cupcake recipes isn't too hard - just use almond or soy milk, and (as long as it's not a recipe that relys on butter too much) oil or soy margarine to replace any butter.

        1. You can use Tofutti (not as bad as it might be) and make an "ice cream cake".

          I would also check Whole Foods, and you might call Alsace Lorraine Bakery on Atlantic. I don't know if they have anything made up but they might be able to do something.

          And you might want to be sure to specify if butter is okay or not.