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Feb 5, 2008 09:11 AM

Clear Lake / Houston Dives

Okay Chowhounds, give'm up!!!!! What are your favorite seafood dives????I'm always looking for out of the mainstream eateries down in the Clear Lake / Kemah / San Leon areas (and no, I don't want to go to The Boardwalk!). I've been to Noah's Ark, Clifton's by the Sea, and Gillhoulies (sp?). Have not tried Jolee's since they relocated and reopened some years ago but need to try them again. Where do you find good fried shrimp and oysters without being "allowed" to wait in an overpriced bar for an hour???????
Thanks in advance,

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  1. San Leon - Topwater Grill.

    1. I second this one. Topwater is pretty darn good.

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        Topwater Grill is our first choice too but when I'm feeling like fried shrimp tacos I go to Seabrook Classic Cafe.

        For take-out we go to Market Seafood for fried shrimp or catfish. It's near our home and it's good.