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Feb 5, 2008 09:10 AM

STL recommendations, please

I will be in St. Louis in April and staying in the Westport area. Any recommendations near the Sheraton? Any type of food is fine and we would especially love to find a good "brewpub" type place.

(I've scanned the boards and notice that the sushi place, Drunken Fish, has had recent health code violations - scary for sushi. And the Mexican place is Casa Gallardo which wasn't too great the last time I went to one (admittedly eons ago).)

A short drive is OK, but we will be cabbing it and would prefer not to have to go too far. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Personally, I like Ozzie's Sports Bar which has pretty good food and is a good place to catch a game.

    One warning. In Westport, there are TWO Sheraton hotels. A great number of people get really confused as to which is which.

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      By the way, most of the hotel shuttle bus drivers will drop you off at a restaurant that is close to the hotel while they are on a run to the airport. In most cases, you will have to cab it back to the hotel.

    2. i'm not sure about the cab ride to this first place but I just read a positive review of it -

      alternatively - Pujols' restaurant is in Westport

      1. There is a Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum on the weekends: it's on Page a couple of miles east of the Westport complex.

        Otherwise, I will go with the other suggestions: Ozzie's is a hopping sports bar full of energy; Pujols 5 is a more subdued sports bar and you will find a few Dominican items on the menu.

        Also be warned: The St. Louis Bread Company in Westport is actually a Panera Bread Company - do not go there expecting to find something uniquely St. Louis...

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          Thanks for the warning. I don't mind Panera for lunch or whatever. At least I know I won't get poisoned there. The weekend is a conference, so I'm looking for good basic food rather than really Chowish stuff ;>

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            The dim sum place is called Hunan Gardens, its on Page next to an office supply place. It was the original dim sum place in St. Louis, kind of ironic since they don't have dim sum in Hunan. They do a good job of it, they also have Chinese style hotpots during the winter. I have not been there in years, mainly becuase there are upstart dim sum places that are more convenient to get to.

            Up 275 just off of Dorsett is a southern Indian place called Priyaa, great dhosas and vadas. The biryanis are also excellent.

            The Growler's Pub on Olive is pretty close, and its pretty decent. The food is inconsistent, some of it is outstanding, some, well, I wouldn't let my enemy's dog eat it.

          2. This place is only 2 or 3 miles away. Casual and pretty good food including the ubiquitous toasted ravioli and St Louis style Pizza.



            1. There's a location of Growler's Pub near Westport, not too far for the cab. They have fantastic food and a massive beer selection. Highly recommended!

              In Westport itself, try the Westport Pizza Co. They do a good pizza by the slice. The service at Pujols often leaves something to be desired, but they do have good food. Ozzie's and the Trainwreck both have good food and decent prices.