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birthday dinner in carroll gardens, cobble hill, BK heights

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tomorrow is my birthday and i want to go somewhere with great food and maybe even a little special for dinner with my boyfriend. we live right off smith street. we find ourselves eating at lunetta, bar tabac, robin. and ki all the time to give you a sense of my taste. anything new or especially good you can suggest would be great. (not necessarily expensive but a a pleasant place to eat great food and then walk home afterwards.) thanks!

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    1. Those are all places we frequent too. You might go to Saul..mid week they even have a 3 course prix fixe. Also, Po, though I've found it a little inconsistent lately.

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        i was thinking saul, but they're all booked for a private party. bummer!

      2. There's Chestnut, or you could order a few small plates and wine at Sample.

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          I used to love Chestnut but it's been pretty downhill lately from my experience and friends' experiences. So I'd say it's a *risky* choice for a birthday meal.

          Bummer about Saul.

          Sample's a great place, one of our favorite bars, and a good choice if you want to focus more on wine and graze on cheese/meats/etc.

          Black Mountain Wine Bar is another good choice, though we havent been back in at least 4 or 5 months....good wine selection and a more extensive menu than Sample. They have a fireplace, so it can be very cozy on a winter night.

          Oh, you could wander over to Convivium too. Very cozy / romantic vibe downstairs for a birthday meal.

          And if you like Ki, you might try Hibino.

        2. Chestnut is a good bet, especially since they'll have their Wednesday prix fixe tomorrow...

          1. How about Cafe Carciofo or Quercy, both on Court near Kane?

            1. What about Frankie's 457 way down Court? I used to love going there for special dinners - the ambience of the room is great, and the food is even better!

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                chesnut is so fantastic. i really dont think it has gone downhill. i think it is the best on smith, and certainly the best deal on tuesday and weds prix fixe nights.

                could also see if you can get a res at grocery, though my personal feeling is that while the food was excellent, the prices were so exorbitant so as not to justify completely.

                what about po??
                hibino is fantastic for interesting japanese, but maybe not enough extra atmosphere for a birthday dinner.