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Proper Italian-homemade pasta type resto in Toronto

does this exist? I don't think I have been to any Italian resto that serves homemade pasta. Some highend places have homemade cannelloni and such on their menus, but that's not what i'm talking about. A place like Franks in New York http://www.frankrestaurant.com/menus_...

Chow to the rescue?

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  1. Terroni's seems like a good place to start. They make their own pasta.

    1. Terroni, I'm Italian and this is the closest I have found to homemade pasta and sauce.

      1. best Italian pasta is at Romagna Mia

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          agreed...romagna mia has a load of different homemade pastas, including squid ink (for those who like it) capelletti, strozzapreti, maltagliati, etc....

        2. I think I read somewhere they make fresh pasta onsite every day at Imperia.

          17 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M4W1L1, CA

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            I have not been to Terroni recently, but to my knowledge they do not use homemade pasta, with the exception of lasagna, etc.
            I have yet to find a trattoria type restaurant in Toronto that uses homemade pasta.
            I have never been to Imperia, but will definitely try it.

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              Tell that to the guys making pasta in the basement of the new Terroni on Adelaide.

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              I second Zucca. We went there this past weekend and enjoyed everything. Each of us had an appetizer, entree, and dessert, as well as wine. The creme brulee was the best my partner has had to-date at any restaurant, and the soup du jour was superb. The atmosphere was exactly what I was hoping for. I will definitely return.

            2. I know that Gianni e Maria on St. Clair west claims loudly that they make a lot of their own pasta. I had some of the best ravioli of my life there (filled with braised rabbit) and have not had, in general, a better experience at any Italian resto in Toronto...(my other favourites being Zucca, Tutti Matti and Il Mulino).

              Having looked at the menu of Frank's in New York that you hyperlinked, I would say also that Gianni e Maria shares with them the fact that they both augment their regular menu with an extensive list of specials---where lots of the more interesting, seasonal dishes seem to show up.

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                I second Gianni e Maria, the ravioli Piemontese is excellent, ALL pastas are truly homemade and the Gnocchi is heavenly and light.

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                  ate here last nite, very good pastas, both the gnocchi and agnolotti. i live in scarberia but will travel for food. i'll be back for more.

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                    Menu looks great. How expensive is this place? Would love to try it.

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                    I second Bogie: Gianni e Maria OUTSTANDING - the ravioli Piemontese my favorite Italian dish ever. And Maria is such a welcoming host.

                2. Thanks, i'll check out Gianni e Maria and romagna mia . Terroni (at least the one on Queen) does not make home made pasta. 100% certain. They even sell the pasta they use in a box. Personaly, outside of terroni's pizza, their other dishes is mediocore at best. Thanks for the other tips

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                    I find that hard to believe. I have only been to the Adelaide (and previously Victoria) location and it certainly tastes fresh. Their pasta is definitely better than mediocre.

                    If it is boxed then what brand do they use? Because I'll be cooking it at home if that's the case.

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                      I agree. I've been several times and it's consistently excellent. I would find it very hard to believe that it's not fresh made, because it certainly tastes fresh.

                      Definitely the closest to Italy outside of Italy!

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                      Their menu does say "we make our pasta fresh daily."

                    3. Try Queen's Pasta on Bloor St. west of Runnymede.