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Feb 5, 2008 08:48 AM

Interesting eats near Bradley Center in Milwaukee.

I'll be in Milwaukee for one dinner in two weeks. We're staying near the Bradley Center (Hilton Gardens) and I'm looking for decent, non-chain, reasonably priced (2 people, drinks, under $80) dinner options. Not too picky about what sort of food, but f there happened to be a decent Japanese place or a good New Orleans spot that'd be a bonus.

Thanks in advance,
Chris in Illinois

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  1. Did you want to have it in walking distance or short cab or?

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    1. Buck Bradley's if it is still there (sorry, I haven't been in a while). The King and I is great thai food. There's a benihana close by.

      1. Okay, this isn't going to be simply a recommendation, but this rambling post might help you if you search the board for others' opinions and recs.

        The Hilton is on the west end of downtown, west of there is desolate as far as eating goes and then you hit Marquette's campus. Unfortunately, right around the Hilton or the Bradley Center there are not that many options. As schweitzbig10 notes Buck Bradley's is on 3rd st, as is Mader's. the Caledrone club and the benihana chain.

        A bit north and across the river to the east from the Bradley Center is the Water st. strip of bars and restaurants. In that group, people have said nice things about Eagen's on Water ST., but I don't know what their prices are like, and haven't personally eaten there. The Water ST. Brewery does good business, but I think their food is just okay.

        Most of the downtown restaurants are clustered around Jefferson ST. and Milwaukee St., which is across the river, about 8 blocks from the Hitlon.

        So, it's kind of a tough choice. I think Cubanita's might fit the bill for you, it's really a good Cuban place, nice variety of food. But you'd have to head across the river (which is essentially 1st street) and then two more blocks to Milwaukee st. It would fit your price range, and it's something different???

        There is a sushi/Korean place Sake Tumi also on Milwaukee, but even though my next door neighbor owns it, I have to say that I've heard some negative things about the place.

        Again, sorry for the rambling geography lesson, but the area the Hilton's in and the Bradley center doesn't provide a lot a surefire options.

        1. The couple of times we have been to a Marquette basketball game, we went over to the Historic Turner Restaurant which is within a block of the Bradley Center. Solid but unexciting menu restaurant.

          1. Down Water (I'd cab it, but it will be VERY cheap) is Trocadero - a great little French bistro that serves til late.