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Feb 5, 2008 08:25 AM

Question about Rosemary's

Hello - My BF and I are going to Las Vegas this weekend - this will be the first time for both of us. After reading reviews on this Board, I made a reservation for us at Rosemary's for Saturday night. I have been looking at maps and it seems quite far from the Strip (I live in Boston and 8 miles in a cab is an eternity and a small fortune!). I was wondering if people would recommend taking a cab and what that would cost vs. driving. Is there valet or a parking lot? We will have a rental car on Monday and maybe that would be easier? BF and I have no problem paying for good food, but expensive cab rides drive him crazy! Thanks for any advice or tips you might have. Maybe the answer is to just suck it up and realize that everything in Las Vegas is outrageously expensive.

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  1. Yes, Rosemary's is a little far from the Strip, I think it is a $60 cab fare round trip not including tip. Maybe it would be better to go there when you have a rental car, much cheaper! There is no valet, it is actually in a strip mall area. But don't let that scare you, the interior is very nice and the food is excellent!

    Also, check on their current promotions at the link below to see if any of them would work for you.

    1. I think people have reported the cab ride being around $25 each way. Round trip would pretty much be the cost of a car rental for a day. The restaurant is part of an outdoor strip mall, no valet.

      If you already have a rental car for one day, might as well get it for a few days instead.

      1. We were there a couple weeks ago and our cab ride was about $60 round trip. I didn't realize that it was that far from the strip not being from the area so it is good to be prepared! Food was great though so I definetly recommend it - however you can get there.

        1. My advice would be to rent a car on Sunday and change your reservation to Sunday nite so you can take advantage of Rosemary's 1/2 price wine promotion. They have a very fine wine list and the 50% off enables you to try that expensive bottle you otherwise would not order.