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Feb 5, 2008 08:23 AM

Solid food options in the Los Alamos, NM area?

I'm heading into NM next week with my wife and daughter to visit the in-laws from the 13-19, and figure that weather may or may not be a concern. Going somewhere for the 14th is likely not going to work out, especially as I haven't booked anything yet. I figure that the 15th or 16th will be better options to try and make up for it.

My wife is pretty broad when it comes to food she likes, and she grew up in the Los Alamos area, so I was hoping someone might know of a hidden gem that we could try in surrounding area (going as far as Santa Fe). Coyote Cafe and the rest just don't have that little place appeal.

I read Tillman's review of De Colores from a couple years back, and we probably go there the night we arrive, but I'm still stuck for something else. And as much as I love it, please don't suggest Chiliworks.

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