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Oct 24, 2001 01:59 PM

Paolo's Cucina --- La Canada

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Had a memorable night at Paolo's cucina in
La Canada Flintridge. It is not a restaurant;
instead their business is cooking demonstrations
that include a very nice dinner.

every six months or so, our sales and marketing
staff from Europe and US join up for a week. On
Tues night, we went to Paolo's. Basically
the experience is like hanging out in a friend's
Italian kitchen, drinking wine, eating appetizers,
socializing with 20 close friends, and helping
out in the cooking occasionally. while in the
kitchen, we had bruschetta with either a tomato
based topping or a cannellini beans with
rosemary and garlic topping. Basil, tomato, and
cheese quesadillas too.

During dinner itself, a rich raspberry dressing
for the salad, a chicken stuffed with bread crumbs,
prosciutto and a spinach pasta of sorts. The dessert
was a divine chocolate and macadamia nut bread pudding.

with the company and the food, it was definitely one
of my best dining experiences.

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    Vanessa On The Town

    Do you have a phone number for this place? Do they require reservations, and is it for groups only or can individuals go? I'm sure I could call information and find this out, but if you have the info it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    1. re: Vanessa On The Town

      I think you can participate as an individual, however,
      I recommend getting a group together. BTW, Paolo is
      a great person. You really end up loving this guy.