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Feb 5, 2008 08:22 AM

Barcelona Arrival Lunch near Calle Balmes in City Center

We will be arriving in Barcelona on a Thursday morning- most likely famished and exhausted. Does anyone have suggestions as to a nearby lunch spot that will revive us? We would preferably like to avoid anything touristy and in terms of cuisine, local fare would be ideal as an introduction to the city. Thank you in advance for all recommendations!

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  1. Near c/Balmes are many good tapa/pinxto places that does not require any reservations. Below are couple of my favorites. All have sit down tables as well as counter seating. They can be very crowded during lunch. None are 'touristy' but since there are many hotels around c/Balmes, there will be some visitors.
    Alta Taberna Paco Meralgo, c/Muntaner 171; one of my favorite tapas places, great seafood, foie gras, baby lamb, pa amb tomaquet, good desserts.
    Tactica Berri, c/Valencia 169; pinxtos which means everything in toothpicks or on slices of bread. Excellent bacala, fried mussels, croquetas, tuna salad. The back has table seating serving plates of food.
    La Cerveseria Catalana, carrer de Mallorca 236; tapas, pinxtos, racions, large plates. It is big and lively with good food though not everything top notch.
    Origens 99.9%, Muntaner 409 near the Universtat, is an informal restaurant/food shop that is very good for a simple lunch: salads, torta, cheeses, jamon, a few hot items. Has tables on the pedestrian walkway on a sunny day.