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Feb 5, 2008 08:13 AM

Zucca-Dine LA review

well, went to Zucca for Dine LA. was the only place near my area that had rsvp space available at the last minute. plus never been there and thought i would try it out.

not crowded at all for dinner. half the place was empty. has this place been down lately? did i go to a place thats lost its mojo a long time ago??

Service: exceptional! they even had a dine-LA menu seperately printed and explained it to us. Waiter was kind, fast and very considerate.

Food: got the dinela deal + i ordered a pizza on the side to give it a taste. the pizza was great. full of flavor and not overwhelming. dough was tasty and just a great mixture of crunch and softness. the goat cheese topping was very tasty.
now the dinela meal: salad..average, but had a tart taste at the end with olives, and citrus vinaigrette, that made it somewhat passable.
squash soup...surprisingly tasty and full of texture
flatiron steak. full of seasoning. a little too much in my opinion. for steaks i dont like that much seasoning as i like to actually taste the meat. good portion. cooked close to med rare as requested.
veggie dish: it was like a veggie lasagna but made with zucchines(sp?) instead of pasta. had tomatoes, and about 3 other veggies. tasted good..interesting concept.

overall i found zucca okay. since their service was great, i had a good time. food was above average, but not out of the world. i will go back to try their other pizzas (only about $12 each).

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  1. I work next door and have been underwhelmed the past several times I went there. I remember liking it more last year. The food ranges from pretty good (Italian tuna salad) to downright pathetic (a minestrone soup that tasted primarily like water). I wouldn't recommend except for happy hour.