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Feb 5, 2008 07:49 AM

Turkish delite cocktail from former Oznots?

I am trying to recreate a drink served at Oznots Dish, which was in Williamsburg and closed a while ago... Does anyone out there in the chow community know how to make the Turkish Delight they served? It had rose flavor in it. I am a home/amateur cook trying to make this for my husband for valentines day. Yes he loves pink drinks.

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  1. a quick google turned this up:

    100ml vodka
    4tbsp rose liqueur
    100ml cranberry juice
    shake and strain into chilled glasses.

    some recipes also call for white creme de cacao. i can't remember if oznot's used it, but i'm pretty sure that the version schiller's makes does include it.

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      thank you wleatherette, That is pretty close to ehat i am remembering - I had googled before posting and have been trying variations, sometimes with lemon, sometimes cointreau.... I just cant quite bring myself to buying creme de cacao tho!