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Oct 24, 2001 02:33 AM

OK...Cheapo Eats- Santa Monica/Brentwood/West LA

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OK, so I read the cheapo eats section or whatever, and seeing that I spend 1/2 my morning deciding where to eat for lunch (hehe) + the last thread was too general, any suggestions for this area? Like before, under 8 bucks, fairly quick (hey! I only have to/want to spend an hour for lunch out there), and good.

Any cusine is cool with me, I just want to try new places.

My favorites for lunch:

Reel Inn at the Promenade
Original Thai Dishes on Wilshire/20th
Nawab Indian Buffet (Wilshire/17th)
California Roll Factory (Whilshire/Barrington)
California Chicken Cafe (I don't go there b/c its too crowded and hard to park)
Wolfgang puck express at promenade

You can see the general area I am going around....

I'm still in search of a good Italian (Paninini) type of sandwich...I love the Paninini cafe in the Marina next to Aunt Kizzy's, but its too far to drive to for lunch. There's a pretty good place on Santa Monica Blvd, between 2nd and 3rd street.

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  1. you should try the "el pollo inka" on barrington & wilshire... great chicken & their lomo saltado is superb....


    1. Has anyone tried the Panini shop on Main St. in Santa Monica, close to Library Ale??

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        Vanessa On The Town

        See above response. I wrote it and then saw your post.

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          I've had some really nice weekend lunches at the Panini on Main Street.

          The tuna/artichoke/cheese sandwich, grilled, on thin bread (name escapes me...they offer several bread choices) is light but satisfying, and tasty.

          It has a quiet, very pleasant outdoor patio area with shade trees in the back. Great alternative to the crowded Main Street brunch scene. Very congenial place to take a book and dine by yourself, also.

          I'd save it for a warm day (or bundle up), though, so you can sit out back...the indoor seating doesn't seem too congenial.

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          Vanessa On The Town

          Panini Garden on Main St. in Santa Monica has great European style sandwhiches. Really good selection and reasonably priced. They have several bread options and press toast them perfectly. Also, there's a really cute little courtyard in back where you can dine that makes you feel like you are somewhere in Europe.

          1. I'll contribute those already on my list...

            0. Markie D's above 14 Below, 14th/SM Blvd., SM - Philly cheese steaks, burgers, chicken sandwiches, the usual.

            1. Taquería Chihuahua, 20th/Olympic, SM - San Fernando style tacos

            2. Mishima, Granville/Wilshire, WLA - Japanese noodle soup, they have bento boxen now too. Also Yashima, Sawtelle/Olympic

            3. Manpuku BBQ, Sawtelle JNO Olympic, WLA - Japanese-style Korean BBQ, call in advance and order the bento to minimise cooking time.

            4. Koo Koo Roo, 20th/Wilshire, SM - you know what this is

            5. Falafel King, Promenade betw. AZ/SM Blvd, SM - middle eastern

            6. Santa Monica Pizza Kitchen, 14th/Wilshire, SM - NY style pizza

            7. Johnnie's, Promenade, SM and also SM Blvd/Federal, WLA - NY style pizza, decent lunch specials, a bit slow

            8. Juquila, SM Blvd/Federal, WLA - Oaxacan food, get the green mole.

            9. Fritto Misto, 6th/Broadway, SM - Italian panini, not sure if they're open for lunch anymore. Zagat-ridden though still good.

            A. Chandni Veg. Cuisine of India, 19th/Wilshire, SM - vegetarian Indian buffet

            B. Earth Wind and Flour, 23rd/Wilshire, SM - weird Italian food but good, just watch your prices

            C. Wildflour Pizza, Main/Ashland, SM - good slices of pizza, horrible decor

            D. Asahi Ramen, Sawtelle/LaGrange, WLA - Japanese noodles, get the miso ramen

            E. Little Hong Kong Cafe, Sawtelle JNO Olympic, WLA - Cantonese, choose wisely and don't get egg noodles

            F. Cafe Royale, 14th/Broadway, SM - Jamaican/islands, not sure if they're open for lunch anymore

            10. Pho Bac Huynh, Granville/Wilshire, WLA - Vietnamese, they have on days and off days

            11. Thai Dishes, Ocean/Broadway and 19th/Wilshire, SM - Thai, and they deliver to corporate buildings (like the Water Garden)

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              try Gilbert's, 26th and Pico, SM. Cheap but good real mexican food. try the super burrito.

            2. How about...

              Hurry Curry, Sawtelle just north of Olympic, on the west side. I like the chopped beef curry, comes with a little salad. I don't much like the idea of a fried chicken cutlet, but it seems to be the other popular dish.

              Chutneys, Barrington & Pico, Indian fast food, they have a tandoori oven.

              Eduardo's -- Mexican, great nachos with black beans (steak or chicken, decent meat), my friend raves about their tosadas but I'm stuck on the nachos. Westwood Blvd. just south of Santa Monica, below the car wash.

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              1. re: Sandra W.

                >>>Chutneys, Barrington & Pico, Indian fast food, they have a tandoori oven.

                It certainly isn't fast (I once waited 15 minutes for my tandoori) or cheap ($9 for an a la carte item).... but it is good. The fact that they do the food right in their oven is worth the wait. I've had cheaper though. Just my op.