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Feb 5, 2008 07:36 AM

Looking for a good patty melt

Where can I find a good patty melt north of Boston? Does anyone have a favorite place for patty melts? I'm looking for a place outside of Boston. Thanks

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  1. You didn't hear this from me, and I never actually said this, but I kinda like the patty melts at Friendly's [BRING ON THE FLAME WARS].

    Just as an aside, I don't really like anything else there other than their shakes...

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      I'll sheepishly agree that I recently ended up at Friendly's out of necessity and enjoyed their patty melt.

      If I were out hunting for one, though, I might try All Star Sandwich Bar. Haven't had it there yet, but their burgers are solid and I've had numerous tasty pressed sandwiches, so it seems like a natural.


      1. re: hiddenboston

        Sssshhhhhhh..... if I'm ever forced to eat at Friendly's I choose their Patty Melt too.

        1. re: yumyum

          Followed by a Reese's cup sundae...mmmm, childhood memories!

          1. re: yumyum

            +1 even now in 2014 ... we have a friendly's in the "ham"

          2. re: hiddenboston

            Sacrelig!! Not really, If your as old as dirt, as I am, Friendly's made a 'Big Beef Cheese Burger Special', now I'm dating myself, It was a grilled cheese then they slid a cooked burger in it with LT&M. Artery Clogger, but oh so good. I still make them at home, pretty awesome stuff, When I eat at a diner, I have requested them. Goes great with a Fribble.

          3. I lead a very sheltered life.....what's a patty melt?
            I can guess, but I'd like a definition. TKX

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            1. re: Gio

              When in doubt, look to Wikipedia for answers to all of life's great questions! :-D


              1. re: hiddenboston

                Many thanks HB....I'm a Googler at heart but wanted this answer from local diners. So, I take it I would not be remiss if I were to order a patty melt with salmon and harvarti on organic rye? That sounds enticing.

              2. re: Gio

                It's like the most awesome cross between hambuger and grilled cheese. Must have grilled onions and traditionally served on rye. And I know I saw one on a local menu lately that was not ASSBar.

              3. Grimsby's in Stoneham ( on the Fellsway, near the Melrose line and Spot Pond) serves a great patty melt- but DO NOT ORDER anything else on the menu. The patty melts are good- go figure- and they will cook as ordered ( I like mine rare). I also only drink beer at Grimsbys', as the wine is not good, and they do not pour a good drink. But the beer is really cold, and they serve pitchers of beer.
                I have two family members who like it there, so every so often I make a visit, and have learned the hard way that a patty melt and a cold beer is the only way to go!

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                1. re: macca

                  PS- Order your fries well done!

                  1. re: macca

                    We have friends who absolutely love Grimsby's. Unfortunately we do not, but when we are next coerced to join them I'll know what to order. So far it's been beer and

                    1. re: Gio

                      agreed- but it is even difficult to have beer and beer, as Stoneham has the archaic policy of making you order food before being served a second drink! If you find anything else good on the menu, let us know. I stick to the patty melt, and if I am really not hungry, and want a second beer, I go with well done fries!

                      1. re: macca

                        I guess I must have had fries and LOL The whole evening was quite forgettable.

                        1. re: Gio

                          Crazy blue rules in Stoneham. But the beer IS cold. Woburn used to have a few crazy rules- you could not stand with a drink in your hand, and the person who made/poured your drink could not also serve your drink. Wonder if they still have those rules.

                    2. re: macca

                      I second the rec on the Patty Melt. I just had the PM over the weekend. Great grilled burger, juicy and fresh ground. Two slices of swiss. Nicely carmelized onions. Seeded rye. Cooked to perfect doneness too (medium rare.)

                      1. re: Bob MacAdoo

                        I still wonder how they can have one sandwich that is so good, and every else is less than adequate. At least I can order something when I go with the kids.

                      2. re: macca

                        Looks like I'm going to try the patty melt at J.J. Grimsby in Stoneham. I'll make sure that they cook my fries well done. Is there anything else that's good at J.J. Grimsby's?

                        J.J. Grimsby & Co.
                        1 Lynn Fells Parkway, Stoneham, MA 02180

                        1. re: buffet king

                          I really don't like anything else on the menu- the kids like the shrimp scampi appetizer and the taco salad. But please- let u sknow what else you try- I would like to have another go to dish if needed!

                          1. re: buffet king

                            I'm thinking it's the Keno that's still good at Grimsby's.
                            But then, I'm not a gamblin' man.

                            1. re: buffet king

                              Not really. ;-b

                              Burgers and beers are the way to go at Grimsby's, I'd say. Anything else and you're taking a bit of a chance. The food isn't horrible, but it's on the level of a Ground Round or 99, IMO.

                            2. re: macca

                              I went to J.J. Grimsby's in Stoneham today and got a patty melt with well done fries. I also got a 20 piece order of buffalo wings. The patty melt was good with plenty of onions and swiss cheese on grilled rye bread. The well done fries were very good. I only wish that they gave me more fries with the patty melt. The fries were that good. The buffalo wings were good but some of the wings could have been cooked a little longer. The buffalo sauce was addictive, messy and spicy. I played it safe and didn't try any other items. I would definately return for their patty melt and well done fries. I drive by Grimsby's all the time but never tried it until today. Thanks for the recommendation.

                              1. re: buffet king

                                Glad you liked it. Now I will try the buffalo wings. Will be nice to have a back up plan to the patty melt next time the kids want to make a trip to Grimsby's. As a matter of fact, I think one of the teens boyfriends gave me a GC there for christmas. Will have to check. I have lots of free eats coming up thanks to christmas.

                            3. Deli-icious in Davis Square - maybe a little greasy, but tasty and large; better when hot, and non-chain. It's a bit of a SYSCO special, but they do care about their product.

                              1. Under the Mike's City Diner regime, Victoria's Diner did a good one, but I haven't ordered it there since the recent ownership change (it's definitely on the now much-expanded menu). I 'd guess as a result that Mike's City does a good one, but I can't recall seeing it there.