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Feb 5, 2008 06:59 AM

Dylan Prime or BLT?

Am headed to NY with my daughter(age 18), my best friend and her 2 daughters (age 19 and 15). My daughter has been to NY with me on several occassions and we've dined at some fabulous restaurants. (David Burke and Donatella, Felidia, Scalini Fedeli, Union Square Cafe, Gramercy, Gotham, etc.) Our travel companions have much more traditional straight-forward (i.e.unadventurous tastes). I've been trying to make peace with both of our palates for the trip. I thought perhaps a steakhouse would be a good choice for one of our dinners. (3 nights) Any thoughts on the better choice between these two? They seem very closely rated on websites I've consulted.

Also want someplace with a fun atmosphere/good food that the girls would enjoy. I was thinking Tao, Stanton Social, Buddakan.

Would love Italian suggestions as well. Again, they would prefer more southern "red sauce" type establishments. Like Carmine's, but better. Suggestions?

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  1. Which BLT are we talking? Prime or steak? Both Dylan and BLT Prime are great (i.e. not chains, not touristy, pretty trendy, modern decor -- all pluses for steakhouses in nyc in my book) - was just at BLT Prime and they had an amazing flatiron steak special. We have a lot of serious steak enthusiasts here so I will let them weigh in, but I personally, as a 23 yr old female, would say they are pretty equal, although thinking back on few times I've been to Dylan, I think my meals/service and experiences at BLT Prime have been consistently better. I would also add that BLT Prime is slightly more casual and Dylan might feel like slightly more of a 'fancy nyc experience'.

    Would not recommend Tao - Buddakan has better food (there should be a lot of reviews on this here).

    1. BLT Prime is better than BLT Steak. BLT steak doesn't serve dry-aged USDA Prime steak but BLT Prime still does and all the steaks are great. Can't comment on Dylan Prime though. I'd say go to BLT Prime, great steaks and interesting sides that aren't your standard steakhouse fare.

      Stanton Social will be a good place for fun/good food that younger girls would enjoy.

      1. You might try the brunch at Stanton Social if you're here over a weekend.

        Dylan Prime peaked a while ago, and there are now much better options for steak.
        I've never been to BLT Prime, but from what I know, I'd say that's a better choice, with a better menu for your situation. It's also a little more convenient for out of towners, and probably gets a slightly younger crowd.

        You might also check reviews/menu for One W. 12th.

        1. Never been to Dylan prime, but BLT Prime is incredible. As a steak lover I can say without question this is one of the best steakhouses in the city. Went there a few months ago and was amazed. The popovers alone are worth it (complimentary). Porterhouse for two, gnocchi, creamed spinach, jumbo shrimp, short ribs, blue cheese tater tots, chocolate chestnut sundae were all absolutely perfect. Go here for a great meal in a beautiful restaurant with a causal athmosphere. I am sure your party will all be accomodated and just love everything about this place as I did!!!!! Good luck dwake

          1. Horrible...just horrible!!
            I used to eat at Dylan alot, but maybe never again. Last week, I ordered a filet mignon medium rare and I had to send it back because it was so rare, it was almost breathing! When it came back to me (after a huge wait), the mouthfeel was rubbery. They say they use prime grade beef, but I'm thinking they're pulling the wool over our eyes by using choice...or worse yet, select. The sides were good, but it makes no difference when the anchor of the meal drags along the bottom. My family and I were sitting in a booth and they were changing a tablecloth on a large round table next to us. It was the kind of cheap folding table used for outdoor catered parties! You'd think a nice place like this would have a nice permanent table for large parties. It's the kind of smoke and mirrors thing that makes me wonder what's going on in the kitchen (Prime? Choice?). There also seems to be a Jersey biker element that hangs out here, which, quite frankly, doesn't aid in my digestion and makes me a little nervous for my family's safety. I work hard at Goldman and I really don't need to deal with poor service, rubbery steaks and sketchy characters using profanity near my family. I'm going to Wolfgang's. I've never had a bad experience there.