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Feb 5, 2008 06:46 AM

Gordon Ramsey coming to the Bakehouse?

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  1. LOL,

    I would so watch that. Bakehouse is a place I used to love when I was a kid (Crocket HS). But after my tastes 'matured' and I learned what good food was, I just stayed away from this place.

    1. wooo-hoo! Wonder what the procedure is to become one of the "after" diners...

      1. My friend and I like Ramsay a lot. We prefer the British version of 'Kitchen Nightmares' since it has swearing, better editing, and is more about the food than what crippling psychological issues the owners and management have.

        Anyways, we noticed that Gordon likes to order certain things when he's just trying the restaurant out. Crab cakes, lobster ravioli, etc. He can't pass these up.

        Take a gander through the Bakehouse's menu at and speculate on what Gordon is going to eat and what he'll say.

        Then, what do you think he's going to turn the place into? Purely comfort/diner food, a burger joint? Steak place?

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        1. re: KPeff

          Oh my. Never been, but based on their selection the kitchen must be pretty bad. Don't they usually choose places with fairly yucky appliances/surroundings?

          1. re: ChristineR

            That is one scary looking menu. Reminds me of some place in the middle of nowhere when you're traveling cross country that you wished you could forget.

            1. re: crippstom

              I'm just curious where they get yellowfin tuna for about 5 dollars a pound to make food cost... either that or it's a huge loss leader.

        2. They could use the help. I've only been there once and it was mediocre at best. And the schizophrenic menu frightens me. How can a restaurant do so many dishes from different countries and actually manage to keep the quality high and the food fresh? I'm thinking most of it is pre-packaged from our friend Sysco or pre-made and kept in the fridge for days.

          I wonder if he'll lose the multicultural menu and make them focus on Southern comfort food?

          1. fyi, Ramsey passed on the Bakehouse.