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Feb 5, 2008 06:39 AM

grand sichuan chelsea - what and how much to order for 6?


i frequent the grand sichuan on st. marks but have decided to venture over the other (and more praised) branch in Chelsea to celebrate Chinese new year with a party of 6 this week. I know to steer clear of the Chinese American dishes, but are there are recs of not-to-miss items...and how many entrees for 6? (3 girls, 3 guys)

i like their soup dumplings and cold sesame noodles....everything else i have eaten there has been ordered by friends and i forgot what it's called.

thanks in advance for suggestions!

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  1. Ah zhou beef (or something like that). Very spicy, and very good. The spicy mountain chicken is a pain to eat because it's not deboned, and it's all just sort of hacked up into pieces. It's good, but messy and labor intensive. I've had the dan dan noodles from the midtown east location and been very happy.

    Actually, when I've been there with larger groups (chelsea location), the wait staff has been very helpful. If you get a start on the menu, with maybe a few app and entree ideas, they'll consult with you and help you get a decent sized meal that's not all one flavor profile.

    1. i live off the spicy diced chicken with cucumbers, crabmeat and porksoup dumplings, the crispy whole fish, red cooking pork with chestnuts, chicken with chinese broccoli, pork fried rice, etc. Make sure to bring some wine (reisling, gruner veltliner) too, their corkage is incredibly low.

      1. I recommend getting 4-5 smaller dishes (such as the cold cucumber or/and silken tofu, the Sichuan cold noodles or/and dan dan noodles, the beef tendon/and or ox tongue and tripe, the Sichuan wontons with hot oil, the 2nd of the Prodigal Daughter dishes) and 4 mains. If you like fish, definitely make sure to get one of their whole fish dishes.

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          I love the Ox Tongue and Tripe. It was my first introduction to ma la, and I find the flavor irresistable!

          I would suggest splitting a couple appetizers and perhaps 3 mains for a filling meal. Dan dan noodles and the ox tongue are my favorite starters. For mains, Gui zhou chicken gets rave reviews, but I cannot resist spicy double cooked pork as well.