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Oct 23, 2001 05:46 PM

Dinner near/at the Biltmore hotel

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We are meeting some friends in LA at the Biltmore Hotel (Pershing Square), and are looking for a nice, quiet dinner place nearby -- walking distance. Or does the hotel have an acceptable -- by this group's standards -- restaurant?


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  1. See below thread for a similar request some time ago.


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      Thankyouoneandall... Perfect information and so immediate as well!!!



      1. re: Tony Roder

        Walk another block and eat in the beautiful garden of the library at Cafe Pinot. Pretty setting, really excellent food.

        I also like the McCormick & Schmick's in the library tower at 6th and Grand (just take the outdoor escalator opposite the libraur on 6th up Bunker Hill). Very high quality seafood. Generally a little cheaper thatn Water Grill and a HUGE value on the happy hour menu which usually includes a seafood stir frym or noodle dish, lobster taquitos, and other tid bits at very low prices.

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          Rob Williams

          While I agree with the assessment of Water Grill as one of the best restaurants in the city, even comparing McCormick and Schmick's is absurd. The happy hour menu is dirt cheap, but the food is nowhere even remotely near The Water Grill.

          The other restaurants in walking distance that no one mentioned:

          Cafe Pinot - I liked the old chef better. New one is a Water Grill expat. Some things are great, lots of things are blah. Good sorbets. Great atmosphere.

          Nick and Stef's - A complete 10 as a steakhouse. Chef is a woman and she does some really awesome sides. The Caesar at the table is fantastic. Oysters are great. For Roman feasting.

          Seoul Yung - Best Korean BBQ I've ever been to. (In the Wilshire Grand.) Also has some gourmet dishes that are amazing, like the crab spinach crepes.

          The Italian place on Olive. Can't remember the name. Great setting, definitely quiet. The food is really good. Not a standout like Water Grill but much better than average.

    2. I'm sure this will be on the Biltmore thread cited in the last reply, but the best bet is right next door at the Water Grill. Search this board for detailed reviews. The short version is that it's the finest seafood restaurant in LA.

      1. You have a number of excellent choices :

        THE WATER GRILL : One of the best seafood restaurants in the country, and right next door to The Biltmore. They have many great dishes : the Tuna on Sweetbread Ravioli with Asparagus is one of the best dishes I have ever had. And the Applewood-smoked clam chowder is excellent.

        CHECKERS - An elegant restaurant across the street from The Biltmore at Checkers Hotel. I have never been there, but it consistently gets great reviews.

        TRAXX - Something fun would be to walk across the street to Pershing Square and take the subway two stops to Union Station. There, you can eat at TRAXX, a terrific restaurant in the lobby of Union Station, one of the most beautiful buildings in LA, if not the country. Their crab cakes are divine.

        Also : the restaurant in The Biltmore (I forget the name) is also very elegant and also gets good reviews. The Bar in The Biltmore is a great place to sit and have a cocktail or a glass of wine.

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          The restaurant in the Biltmore is Bernards, I believe, and came highly recommended to me.

        2. I would certainly second everyone's praise for water grill. I might go even further and say that it might be the best fine dining restaurant in the city right now. but i also wanted to mention that the biltmore has a quite good japanese restaurant, fairly elegant, called, i believe, sansai.

          1. Since Bernards closed about 3-4 months ago, checkers in its namesake hotel west of the Biltmore is the ideal choice since you did use the word quiet in your request. Water Grill is very good at what it does but quiet does not readily come to mind. And as to anyone recommending Traxx for good food, good luck. Looks 10, dance 3.

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              I agree with you. I have been to Traxx many times, since I enjoy the station. If you're wierd enough you can spend an enjoyable evening after dinner watching the transcontinental trains come and go , and the Metrolink headquarters on the other side of the station is a real education in misspent public funds that is not to be missed.
              Traxx by itself, however, does not even remotely live up to the oft repeated hype.