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Feb 5, 2008 06:21 AM

Business Trip to Charlotte

I'm new to the board and coming into Charlotte for a business meeting tomorrow (2/6). We'll be having a dinner/meeting and staying at the City Center Marriott. I've read great things on the board about Lulu, and the restaurant in the Marriott, Savannah Red, seems to have a nice menu. I'd like to get some recommendations, keeping the following in mind: good food, conducive to conversation, easy to get to from downtown (none of us are familiar with Charlotte).


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  1. Having never eaten at Savannah Red, I can't give an honest opinion. Helen Schwab, food critic for the Observer, gave the place 2 1/2 stars a few years ago. The place doesn't get mentioned often, which to me would suggest so-so food.

    Lulu has good food, but the noise volumn is not conducive to a meeting - it gets very noisy in there!

    Not to sound like a broken record, but here are suggestions convenient to downtown that you will see recommended often on these boards:

    Carpe Diem, Fiamma and Nobels, with the latter being the farthest away at about 6 miles. Ratcliff on the Green in Uptown Charlotte is excellent, and if you get their loft table, it could be a good place for a business dinner.

    1. Ratcliff on the Green has VERY good food and it is the most conducive to a meeting as it is very quiet.

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        Agreed! I attended a client dinner when Ratcliff first opened, and it was enjoyable. I was more worried about disturbing other diners than anything else, and it worked out nicely.

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          Yep, Ratcliffe meets all your criteria. Another rec would be GW Fins uptown at 525 N. Tryon St.

      2. For fun:

        Get on Light Rail, head south to Bland Station stop

        Eat at Greek Isles (www.greekislesrestaurant.com


        Get on train, head north back into city center

        Walk over to Alexander Michaels in Fourth Ward

        Have drinks and some fried pickles

        Stumble home

        Now that's a business meeting!