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Feb 5, 2008 06:21 AM

Business Trip to Charlotte

I'm new to the board and coming into Charlotte for a business meeting tomorrow (2/6). We'll be having a dinner/meeting and staying at the City Center Marriott. I've read great things on the board about Lulu, and the restaurant in the Marriott, Savannah Red, seems to have a nice menu. I'd like to get some recommendations, keeping the following in mind: good food, conducive to conversation, easy to get to from downtown (none of us are familiar with Charlotte).


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  1. Having never eaten at Savannah Red, I can't give an honest opinion. Helen Schwab, food critic for the Observer, gave the place 2 1/2 stars a few years ago. The place doesn't get mentioned often, which to me would suggest so-so food.

    Lulu has good food, but the noise volumn is not conducive to a meeting - it gets very noisy in there!

    Not to sound like a broken record, but here are suggestions convenient to downtown that you will see recommended often on these boards:

    Carpe Diem, Fiamma and Nobels, with the latter being the farthest away at about 6 miles. Ratcliff on the Green in Uptown Charlotte is excellent, and if you get their loft table, it could be a good place for a business dinner.

    1. Ratcliff on the Green has VERY good food and it is the most conducive to a meeting as it is very quiet.

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        Agreed! I attended a client dinner when Ratcliff first opened, and it was enjoyable. I was more worried about disturbing other diners than anything else, and it worked out nicely.

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          Yep, Ratcliffe meets all your criteria. Another rec would be GW Fins uptown at 525 N. Tryon St.

      2. For fun:

        Get on Light Rail, head south to Bland Station stop

        Eat at Greek Isles (


        Get on train, head north back into city center

        Walk over to Alexander Michaels in Fourth Ward

        Have drinks and some fried pickles

        Stumble home

        Now that's a business meeting!