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Feb 5, 2008 06:18 AM

Chocolate fountain?

I bought one of those Chocolate fountains at Target the other day for a party. For those who have one, whats the best brand of chocolate to use? I will be cutting up fruit and various other things to be dipped in it. Also should I got for dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

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  1. Dark mostly or a blend. High cocoa butter content will help make the chocolate flow so you don't have to add any extra oil. Belgian, confectioners chocolate, etc. nothing too sweet since the items to be dipped will probably be sweet enough. Don't forget to clean it when the chocolate is still liquidy otherwise it's not fun to clean once it's dried!
    have fun!
    here's a quick tip..

    1. There are usually bags of "fondue" chocolate discs near the chocolate fountains. I was just in Walmart and saw them. It makes it easier so you don't have to add in oil - just melt the chips. Some chocolate fountains are heated at the base so you can dump in the chips, turn the heater on, and then wait until they're all melted. The chocolate fountains require so much chocolate to flow properly, I save the high quality chocolates for when I do a pot fondue.

      1. The machine instructions should indicate how much chocolate is needed to "properly" run the fountain, but keep in mind that at some point (depending on how long you run it and how many people are served) you may have to refill it to keep the chocolate flowing. It all looks lush and pretty when you first fill it up, but as the chocolate depletes, it gets very drippy (for lack of a better word). So, plan to have extra chocolate on hand just in case you want to keep it going.

        1. The best chocolate is made by Sephra, who makes the high end fountains. I have found that the fondue chocolate found in the supermarket seems to be lumpy and doesn't flow well. You can buy dark, milk or white chocolate on-line on the website.

          1. I agree, sephra & dark chocolate are my favorites so far. I first tried melting chocolate chips & adding oil, but it took MUCH more oil than the fountain claimed. We later tried the fountain-ready chocolate and it was 100 times easier!

            Another tip is to make sure that there are no water droplets nearby- they cause the chocolate to get grainy.