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Feb 5, 2008 06:16 AM

Chinese wedding banquet in Montreal

Although the pickings for a good Chinese wedding banquet supper is slimmer here than in Toronto, does anyone have any recommendations? We are planning to hold our reception towards October 2008. Thanks!

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  1. I attended a Chinese Wedding Banquet at Kam Fung, and it was fantastic. All the courses were wonderfully prepared. I have heard others say they have been impressed with banquets there as well. I think they have a lot of experience with the whole affair, so for me, this would be a tried and true choice.

    I haven't had a banquet at Fu Kam Wah, but i have been very impressed with the quality of the food there, and they have a wide range of preparations and ingredients. May be worth inquiring.

    Perhaps others can comment on their experience with some of the hotels, which I am sure are also experienced with wedding banquets.

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      I'm chiming in about the food from Kam Fung, who actually catered a wedding I went to held at Marché Bonsecours.

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        Our default choice is Kam Fung, though I wanted to explore other possibilities as well. For any event, our families almost always go to the Chinatown Kam Fung...

        Fu Kam Wah is the one on Decarie in St. Laurent, right? If so, I've been there a few times too (regular dinners) and I agree that the quality of their food is quite good. More importantly, it is consistently good. I didn't think of them before, though I'll definitely need to look into them a little more.

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          Yes, that is the one, on decarie near cote vertu. I thought I saw some mention about catering, but i could be mistaken. It seems to me they would be able to accommodate a party of about 130 people perfectly in their space.

      2. Not a wedding, but I've been to a huge bash at Tong Por, and it was fabulous.

        1. In Montreal, Chinese restaurants are allowed to caterer for a lot of wedding places beside their own restaurant. So depending on your budget, you can choose any place in Montreal and have any Chinese caterer (restaurant) for the wedding. So depending on the place AND your budget, here are some places to consider which admit any caterer: in St-Leonard (where Italians weddings could be compared to Chinese ones- Madison and Carlton; in Montreal (Salle Windsor, Hôtel Vaudreuil); in Laval (Chateau Royal). Other places might suggest you their own caterers (even the Chinese one) or you should use their own food.

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            Thanks for the leads! I have considered that, though if I am not mistaken, the cost would be higher than holding the reception at a restaurant. We are anticipating a party of around 130 people, and my fiancee and I are determining whether we want a DJ or not (so far, leaning towards the latter). I am feeling somewhat conflicted between wanting a lower-key reception vs. entertaining our guests and having some fun. Since this is coming out of our own pockets, we want to keep expenses within reason. We intend on buying a house soon and that is a higher priority. If we eventually do decide to hire a DJ, I suppose it would be nicer at a hall... What would the incremental cost be if a reception is held at a hall as opposed to a restaurant?

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              Hi Cham,
              I am having a chinese banquet for my wedding in August 2008. My fiancee and I both did not want to have the reception at a chinese restaurant. We have looked at several hall rentals in Montreal and surroundings and it starts from 1000$ to over 4000$. We found one we liked at 1600$. As for the catering services, we chose Kam Fung. They have a lot of experience in catering and Veronica, who is in charge of catering is very nice and helpful. Catering service is more expensive than at the restaurant, but I wouldn't be able to tell you how much more. I can suggest you other restaurants:
              Ruby Rouge, they have 2 or 3 rooms, So you can have your ceremony in one room and the reception in the other one.
              Chez Chine, in the Holiday Inn in Chinatown. Very nice location!
              Ruby Foo, I have never been, but pictures on the web site looks nice. They don't do wedding banquets for over 150 peoples if I remember correctly.
              And about the money thing, I don't know how it it's the same case in your families, but in my family, they give money as gift to cover at least their meal.
              Hope it helps!
              Ca Senh

              1. re: casenh

                Firstly, congrats! Secondly, thanks for the great info! Your wedding day wouldn't so happen to be on the 8th of August, would it? There has been much discussion of that (2008-08-08) being a particularly lucky day.

                We have decided to hold our reception at a restaurant, likely to be Kam Fung. Do we need to make an appointment with them, or can we show up at the restaurant during an evening and speak with the manager? We plan on paying them a visit later this week, and possibly reserving a date towards Oct - Nov. Are the prices for their menu(s) set, or is there room for negotiation?

                Our families are similar in that they give money as well. My fiancee and I have practically everything we need, so a 6th toaster isn't really necessary. I know that we won't bear the full cost of the reception, although in terms of planning, we are not relying on that potential amount at all (we think it's far better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed).

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                  Hi,Casenh, congr. to your wedding. The above posting is a year old. I am wondering how did your wedding reception go? We are planning a chinese wedding banquet too and based on all the wedding we've been to, chinese banquet is still the first option. Unfortunately all the chinese restaurants (including Kam Fong) are dated and the hall is not very attractive, especially the bathrooms. I believe renting the hall somewhere else plus the catering services from Chinese restaurant is the best way to go. Where did you find the hall for 1600.00?

                  Chez Chine in Holiday Inn is also another option for the cleanness and attractiveness of the facility.


            2. Most people I know default to Kam Fung. When I was planning my wedding, I wanted to go to a hotel instead. After some research, the Holiday Inn in Chinatown offered one. My cousin had hers there. The cost was between $600 and $800 per table of 10. Mind you that was the prices from 2 years ago and the food was decent. I ended up doing a Chinese fusion at the Hyatt in complexe Desjardins, although I did enquire and they did a authentic Chinese Wedding banquet previously by bringing in an outside chef. Hope that helps.

              1. So we have decided on Kam Fung for our reception. We made some changes to the menu, such as replacing the crab claw dish with a chicken dish that we enjoy more. A complementary tasting meal is included in the package. It will be interesting to try it out. Perhaps I will report back on each dish we will have....

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                  Don't know if you are looking for a wine for your wedding, but it might be an idea to take along a few bottles to try with your complementary tasting (just check first with the management). I recall that the Deinhard Riesling was a reasonably priced white wine that really complemented their food, and that is what one of my friends had with her wedding banquet. The red I don't remember, because it wasn't as nice a match. But the Deinhard was great with the food! Congratulations on your wedding, and hope it goes well!

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                    Much appreciated moh! In fact yes, I am looking for a wine. We actually discussed with the manager whether it would be possible to bring our own for the reception, but it seems that we cannot, since we aren't reserving the whole restaurant. We wanted to pick something up from Toronto. Apparently they cannot serve alcohol to the regular patrons if we obtained our own license. It would also require a complete wall/room separation for us to serve our own wine.

                    The cost of wine would be the SAQ price + 30%. Is it true that commercial SAQ prices are higher than consumer retail prices? This is what I was told...

                    I understand how a white would match better with the meal: with a heavy leaning towards seafood, chicken, and lighter flavours, a red would likely overpower many of the dishes. I will need to check out the Deinhard Riesling. I will ask them if it will be alright if I can bring a bottle during the tasting, just to see if it pairs well...

                    1. re: Cham

                      I suspect the 30% is the cut for the restaurant, like a mark-up. I could be wrong.

                      The Deinhard is about $12.50 per bottle. So it won't kill the budget to give it a try. Another nice wine might be the Hugel Gentil (Alsace). It runs about $17. If you want to have a red, I'd go either for a light Italian, like a Valpolicella (you can get several reasonable bottles for about $14-17, I think the Tommasi is pretty reasonable) or a Beaujolais (not Nouveau, but one of the Beaujolais Villages like a Brouilly, even the Georges DeBeouf Beaujolais -Villages is ok), you can get these from $12-20. Some people want red, and I think that may be your best choices to match your banquet. These are all reasonable choices that won't break the bank, but that will have a good chance to match your food. Another nice reasonable Reisling is the McWilliams Reisling from Australia (about $14.50). All of these should be easy to find in the SAQ for you to try. We did a big tasting of different wines to try to match to the Kam Fung menu for our friend's wedding, and these were the best matches we found for the price. Good luck! And have fun!