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Fat Phil's Marlee no more-R.I.P

An event worth its own topic.

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  1. That's a shame. Used to go there maybe fifteen years ago, although the last time I passed it looked somewhat sketchy so I bypassed it. Had the ownership changed during that time?

    1. went with my dad as a kid and all the time in high school. i remember my brother and i splitting a burger and playing the super mario game in the front section (at the sit down table). I also ate gyros there, every night, for three months, when i was in rehearsals for a high school play.

      RIP indeed.

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      1. re: mutant4

        AHHH.. I live a cpl of blocks away and have been going there since I was 5. I guess I saw it coming as it was getting less populated and the Asian dude that has owned it for the last 10 or so years started closing it down earlier.

        Who here remebers the trivia game that would win you a small coke if you got it right?

        1. re: thatlankyfoody

          ..and here me and my other half were contemplating going there this past sun-!

          1. re: EPIcureanTO

            I think it lived on its reputation for quite a long time and should have closed long before now...I found it really unpleasant...dirty & smelly...no matter how good it was previously ...it deserves to be closed and I, for one am not shedding any tears!

            1. re: pearlD

              Alas no more mint chocolate chip milk skakes for me... I loved getting the chips into the straw.

      2. That's a shame. Last time I was there was a couple of years ago. The burgers were still really delicious. The place had certainly become neglected and sketch over the years. Like no one rally cared what it looked like or felt like anymore. Too bad, their burgers were still damn good.

        1. Like the phoenix, Fat Phill's Marlee will rise up and serve their famous burgers. In or around May 4th, 2012, Fat Phill's will reopen on Marlee Avenue. Fat Phill's will be opening in the building immediately north and beside the original location. I will confirm the opening date at a later time...Cheeers, .....Phill.

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          1. re: fatphilltheoriginal

            That's awesome. Put a little love into your space. Does't have to sparkle with diamonds but please don't let it become a dump. See my note above.

            Good luck and see you soon :)

            1. re: fatphilltheoriginal

              May 4- Israel's Independence Day (1948,) my daughter's birthday and now the restoration of Fat Phil to Marlee! A sign! Hot damn!

              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                Oh ya !!!

                check out Goodys diner facebook specials
                Diners Drive'ins and Dives
                for ideas

                BEST OF LUCK can't wait

                1. re: Luvtooeat

                  Soft opening today
                  Marlee just north of old location
                  Hope the burgers are as good as they once were

                  Best of luck

                  1. re: Luvtooeat

                    Went there today and Fat Phil's is back. The burger was great like I can remember, the fries were good. I still prefer the ones he had before the wedge fries.
                    Miss the teriyaki sauce on the chicken breast sandwich, but since good.

                    The location is next to the original plaza, it use to be a pizza joint before.

                    Glad he is back.

                    Good luck Phil.

              2. re: fatphilltheoriginal

                Lived right around the corner on Romar when the original opened. At times it was just Phil and me in the place at the beginning but the reputation deservedly grew and it became very popular. And now....it's BAAAACCCK! And so will I be. Haven't lived in the neighbourhood since 1994 but still go back to hit Camarra's, City Fish Market and Lady York. Now I have another reason.

              3. There used to be a Fat Phil's here in Brampton and we used to love it (although I was just a kid and barely remember it). They used to deliver too. Are these two places related?

                1. Hello can anyone get me the number for Fat Phils new location, asap thank you!!

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                  1. re: htoniv

                    fat phill's number is 647.347.7445. Located at the corner of Marlee and Romar. Right beside the original Fat Phill's.



                  2. A small nothing bun. The old original buns were much better, even good, but I am sure more expensive.
                    A rounder patty, as if to fit the cheaper bun and reduce the quantity of toppings . Doesn't work for me.
                    Too expensive. This is not a big overhead operation with chi-chi-yup-yup illusions.
                    Better than many others , but so what. Still a disappointment.

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                    1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                      The caption to the thread contradicts the reality and misleads because there is a new operation on the street with the same name. The thread should be split with a new caption, say, The New Fat Phill.

                        1. re: magic

                          Fat Phill's is open on Yonge 4-5 doors north of Davisville.
                          This is great news for those who prefer burgers cooked over a flame as opposed to the flat top.
                          7 oz. burger on toasted bun $6.50 very reasonable.

                          1. re: sumdumgoy

                            Yes! I know, I actually updated the 2014 Closings and Changes thread with this very info. :)

                            I was looking for this thread too, to update. Didn't come up on my searches though.

                            Thanks for updating, sumdumgoy.