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Feb 5, 2008 05:46 AM

Best Southern Home Cooking?

Transplated Texan in NoVA missing my Southern Home Cooking, Seems I am unable to find a place that serves real Southern Food, I have been craving a Real Chicken Fried Steak with real Gravy, Or an Original Open Face Roast Beef Sandwich, smothered in Gravy.

Anyone know of a Place in NoVA or the District to get Real Chicken Fried Steak with Gravy?

Like this

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  1. One of the problems may be what you consider Southern isn't exactly what many of us consider Southern because most of us Southern transplants are from the East Coast south. That being said I know Old Hickory Grill in Loehman's plaza in Falls Church has chicken fried steak, but I haven't had it so I can't vouch for authenticity.

    Southside 815 in Alexandria has it on their menu and if anyone did it right, I would think they would, they are my go to place for authentic low country southern, when I am missing that. They have some other good things too get a side of the breadbasket or 815 biscuits, too.

    I don't know about the openface sandwich though.

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      I have been to Old Hickory in Falls Church, it is in fact right near my home. I was in the mood for a Real Cheeseburger and well with a Name like Old Hickory Grill you would think they could make one....truth is The Meat wasd over cooked, it was served on a Kaiser Roll with very little in way of toppings...One bad experiance usually turns me away from visiting a place a second time. honestly I have had better burgers from Fuddruckers.

      1. re: GccTxs

        That's why I didn't vouch for authenticity. I have had a couple good things there but it was years ago and I can't remember what they were now.

        Southside 815 normally does Southern well though. They have a low country shortcake I love and their crab biscuits are good and some other stuff. I think they would know how to do real white gravy, which IMHO is the hardest part. Few places make a good brown gravy, even fewer even make a white gravy.

        1. re: GccTxs

          This is the Liability Generation. Burgers are always overcooked. Did you ask for toppings? And what's wrong with a Kaiser roll?

          You can get a good $3 cheeseburger at Five Guys, or a good $15 cheeseburger at a couple of the fancy steak houses. Old Hickory has OK ribs, but since you're from Texas (or anywhere) you'll probably be disappointed with them. This just isn't a chicken fried steak town unless you find someplace that's trying to pretend that they're a Texas roadhouse, and you can probably guess what to expect.

          Try something that we make good 'round these parts, or think Southern like North Carolina or Georgia and have some fried chicken at Flavors.

          1. re: MikeR

            My phrase to get rare hamburgers is to ask them to be "so rare it's alive," and most non-chain places will comply. Or if that sounds too bloody, tell 'em to Pittsburgh it.

        2. re: ktmoomau

          Southside 815 is inconsistent with their CFS, but when it is on, it's great. The white gravy is good too. But at times my steak has come with the breading completely burned and/or steak overcooked and one time they substituted stewed tomatoes for the green beans which sort of threw off the whole plate. I like it with the Mason-Dixon mashed potatoes (sweet and regular together) and always order the breadbasket. I'd try Colorado Kitchen - they've got great grits too.

        3. The new Jackson 20 in Old Town has a decidedly Southern menu. Colorado Kitchen in DC is well loved for Gillian Clark's southern food.

          Hank's Oyster Bar in DC and Old Town Alexandria offers terrific meat and two meals.
          Georgia Brown's in DC is very southern and well known for Sunday Brunch.

          Silver Diner is a diner chain with lots of outposts in the area. They serve chicken fried steak. I like them although they may vary from location to location-but I've always found them a nice inexpensive diner experience.

          Bob and Edith's diner in Va.

          1. I guess I should also note if you want more East Coast Southern food the U St corridor has many more options on that high end and low end. Also Levi's Port Cafe has some good southern faves. Again though most of them don't have websites though so I don't know about the chicken fried steak or open face sandwich.

            1. Jimmy's in Herndon has a good open face sandwich with gravy. I want to say that Amphora does as well, though that'll probably be pretty bland.

              I know I saw a chicken fried steak option recently but for the life of me I can't remember where (been thinking on it for about two hours now). If it comes to me I'll repost.

              1. I have no idea where you can get chicken fried steak (possibly at The Diner in Adams Morgan?) but that picture is a thing of beauty!!!