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Oct 23, 2001 04:47 PM

Jax Bar and Grill

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Going to Jax Bar and Grill this weekend to hear some music. Has anybody eaten there?

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    michael (mea culpa)

    I've had munchies there during happy hour. The price (free) was right. The quality was what you'd expect.

    1. Hi, Robert -

      We've done a lot of Jax discussing and I bet you'll find out some handy info if you search on the main CH page for "jax los angeles." Of course, I just did that and, um, it doesn't seem to be finding anything. Try scrolling down - a week ago or so there was one particular conversation about it if memory serves....

      Please post back and give us your verdict!

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      1. re: Lisa Bee

        Uh, try ZAX next time, Lisa Bee. Sorry, Robert, I screwed up my destinations and I'm no help to you...unless you're going to the Jax Brewery in New Orleans.