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Feb 5, 2008 05:17 AM

Brasserie Tatin-My thoughts

I wanted to take a minute and post my thoughts on a recent dinner at Brasserie Tatin. I have seen many unfavorable posts about the restaurant on this site and I thought I would add my comments.

We had a large group (10) and we ate at the height of the dinner hour on the Saturday night of Restaraunt Week. To say it was crowded or a bit chaotic would be an understatement. That said, we were seated immediately and out server was by within minutes to greet us.

Service: In general, service was adequate and appropriate but not superior. IMO, for such a large party, our table should have been attended by two servers or at the least, our server should not have had any other tables. Because he had other tables, he seemed a bit distracted and unable to provide the best service possible. Courses were served in a timely manner with nice pauses between. Additionally, there were no long streches where we were waiting for anyone's dish while others had been served. After the initial ordering process, new bottles of wine were brought and opened in a timely fashion. No (or few) refillings by the server--which is fine by me.

Menu: We were permitted to order off the RW menu or the regular menu and I have to say that their RW menu was exceptional. It had many, many options for each course and no supplements which was nice. Some people at our table ordered off RW menu and others off the regular menu and it caused no problems. Also, the prices on the a la carte menu are very reasonable for high quality food with careful preparation.

Food: Everyone I went with seemed to enjoy the food and think that it was well-prepared and delicious. I didn't particularly care for any of my selections but I am willing to think that it had to do with my choices rather than the food itself. The temperatures on all of the meats were dead on and the fish and chicken were cooked but not overcooked.

I would definitely go back to Brasserie Tatin. There were some flaws but we had a wonderful meal and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. It is not fine dining but they did a fine job with a large party and the atmosphere and energy were excellent.

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  1. we were a party of 8 that dined at Brasserie Tatin Friday night of restaurant week. I thought the service was fine and the food was very tasty and well prepared. The bottle of wine we ordered they were out of so they gave us a more expensive bottle at the same price. we even got another bottle of the same wine at the lower price. everyone who got the scallops app. raved about them. The pate was excellent. As for entrees the steak frites looked sooo good. I wished I ordered that! I ordered the duck which was very good also but I have to go back for the steak frites. Tarte tatin was excellent. It came with a burnt caramel sauce was divine! All in all a very good meal. I would recommend highly!

    1. We went there on 1/29 to celebrate a birthday with a friend (party of three). Similar experience to yours- food was excellent (I really enjoyed the pate) everything was brought in a timely manner. The second bottle of wine we ordered was not available, but we chose an alternative. My duck confit was great- my husband enjoyed his steak frite and my girlfriend has a great-looking osso-bucco dish that she ate every morsel of! You are right about the prices, I guess I get overwhelmed with the bill at the end of the meal because we always order so much expensive wine! In any case, you might recall that BT was in the space of the former Jennier's and the crowd is much younger now. They do have a fantastic bar/lounge space and I'm aching to try that. The hostess mentioned there is light fare available in that beautifully decorated space. IMO, Petit Louis has better food overall, but the space is not as inviting.