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oatmeal worth going out for

Lazy Daisy Cafe on Wilshire has the best oatmeal I've encountered so far. Thick soft whole grains suspended in a a rich velvety liquid. Worth every penny even if it was expensive.

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  1. Have you tried the oatmeal at Square One?


    1. I'm a fan of the oatmeal at BreadBar. However, I don't think there's any oatmeal out there that I couldn't make at home because everybody is using pretty widely available grains (given the internet) and good oatmeal doesn't require much more than a "low and slow" cooking approach.

      1. John O'Groats


        Griddle Cafe


        Eat Well


        Firehouse in Venice

        Snug Harbor


        The Farm of BH

        Gardens of Four Seasons

        Coral Tree Cafe

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          I wholeheartedly second O Groats and Hugo's!

          I also like it at Marmalade in Encino, if they remember to do it without nuts!

          Anyone remember the brulee'd oatmeal at Granita's Easter Brunches? God, they topped it with brown sugar and torched it. It was huge and great!

        2. Has anyone encountered places that served good oatmeal and then switched to the evil Irish Cut? I know the Belvedere at the Peninsula Beverly Hills did this as did the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Why do chefs insist on Irish Cut for oatmeal?

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            I dunno, I kind of like the irish steel cut. I prefer it, really. Why do you find it evil?

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              I second Le Pain Quotidien, I really enjoy the flax seed, Berry, steel cut oatmeal.

            2. I like the oatmeal at the Coffee Table in Silver Lake.

              1. Lemon Moon on Olympic....comes with lots of goodies.

                1. Fromin's Santa Monica, Wilshire & 19th. Best oatmeal EVER.

                  1. If you're in Pasadena I like the oatmeal at Julianne's on Mission. Yummy baked apples on top and they give me extra brown sugar w'out batting an eye. I manage to render oatmeal unhealthy!!

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                      I have to agree with glutton here. The only drawback to making oatmeal at home is that it takes awhile to make, but then its also going to take just as much time, if not longer, to drive to someplace that makes good oatmeal. Is there even a good place in OC for that, or do you have to go all the way to LA?

                    2. How about Bread and Porridge in S.M. Still dream of it's creamy dreamy yumminess and that was about 4 years ago! www.breadandporridge.com

                      1. I like the oatmeal at Urth Cafe and Le Pain Quotidien.

                        1. Panini in Newport Beach has good oatmeal that they serve with bananas and walnuts.

                          1. Thanks for all these great suggestions! :)

                            On a side note, do any of these places serve the oatmeal, non-dairy?