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favorite drink in MSP, anyone?

so the thriftyhipster.com isn't doing much justice for me. except introduce me to the 'greats' of red dragon and palomino. any suggestions where there's awesome happy hour? and where can i get the best drink for my buck? meaning no watered or juiced down drink please!

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  1. I don't think this is ground breaking but I like Chino Latino. Can be busy but they have good small bites, good tap prices and a spicy bloody mary.

    I also like Famous Dave's just because they have $3 taps of Bell's Two Hearted ale.

    McCoy's in SLP isn't bad because of their craft beers at affordable prices.

    These are mostly beer places though, I'm not sure if that is what you are after.

    1. It's not necessarily a deal but hands down my favorite drink is a Pimm's cup at jP. Get that and share an order of pommes frites and I'm happy.

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        jP has a very good happy hour. It ends a bit early for us, but it is solid. Good drinks better food. And agreed, a Pimm's cup is perfect when sitting out front in the summer.

      2. Sounds like you've read about the Red Dragon but I still think that their Wondrous Punch is worth mentioning. Two of these babies and I'm past my limit. Served in "fishbowl" glass, and tasting more like punch than the three or four kinds of booze they pour in, at $9 or so it isn't cheap, but you definitely get your moneys' worth

        1. Surly Furious, in a glass, from a can, anywhere

          Town Hall Brewery's Masala Mama or Oatmeal Stout with a game of darts

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            Erte has some mighty interesting martini specials.. don't know about a happy hour, though.

          2. If you really want 'no watered or juiced down drink' the legendary place to go is Stand Up Franks. All they seem to serve is booze in a glass.

            1. Guinness at the Local wins for me.

              1. mmmmm. . . triple rock bloody mary. . . .

                1. The drinks at Psycho Suzi's will knock you on your ass. Personally, I like the One-Eyed Willy. For an extra few bucks you can keep the glass.

                  1. Manhattan's makes some nice cocktails using fresh juices. The bar scene is a bit bland.

                    Best Cosmo is from Monte Carlo, where you get the old school atmosphere and the extra shaker of booze.

                    Chambers makes some nice mixed drinks too - good mojito.

                    Solera has a good white sangria.

                    BANK has a nice bar to sit at and a good blueberry mojito

                    1. Ever get to Il Vesco Vino in Saint Paul you have to ask for an ambra ciello..Admitadly better in summer but still the best drink hands down anywhere.

                      1. The Craftsman always has seasonal speciality drinks. My husband loves their seasonal Old Fashioneds.

                        1. thanks guys! some great advice for my next night out!