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Little Italy/ College resto for group of students

My niece would like to take the students on her residence floor out for dinner on College. Any recs for a decent and reasonably priced restaurant that can cope with approx 12, 18 year olds?

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  1. Not that I'm ever going back there, but Sushi Island comes to mind. I doubt these teens will be too picky, and with AYCE, they can choose and eat to their heart's content. With that many people, the experience itself should be a lot of fun.

    You could also consider Bar Italia, although I'm not sure at what time a group of 18-year-olds would be asked to leave.

    1. How about Regina Pizza?

      Regina Pizzeria
      782 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1C6, CA

      1. There is a new place called Sorriso between the Diplomatico and Bar Italia that is really nice.

        Il Sorriso
        588 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B3, CA

        1. So, she's paying?

          I'm asking as *most* 18 yo kids do have a college budget...

          1. Nirvana's a new & great little spot, esp. for a student-budget. They are right at College & Bathurst.

            Sandwiches are around the $5 to $7 range (these are tasty sandwiches too-- Brie & Avocado; Chicken, sauteed onions & sweet mustard...), and no entree is over $13. Lots of choices... seafood, pasta, pizza, etc. Decor is casual, but cozy (think warm tones, wood, and exposed walls) and I'm sure they can easily accomodate 12 eighteen-year-olds.

            If you want to see their menu, I can send you a copy (they don't have a website yet), as we just did a student party there. Aside from the tasty sandwiches, all I've tried are appetizers, but they were decent. Not outstanding, but def. decent. Or, call and ask for Elissa, she's super capable and was very helpful when we were planning our party.

            434 College St, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

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              Sorry, my contact: taste.hound@gmail.com.

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                If they would consider going slightly north ...ROMA RISTORANTE on Bloor & Gladstone (1 block east of Dufferin, north side of Bloor).
                They would be more than happy there and a group that size no matter what age would be well taken care of..prices are reasonable...pizza is excellent...pasta is all right (not excellent) . I really think it would be a good choice...this is not a 'hip place' by any stretch but if they are students out for a good time it would fit the bill!

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                  I second Roma, great pizza, nice staff.

                  Ristorante Roma
                  1090 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H1M6, CA

            2. You can try Supermarket in Kensigton market. If you call in advance, i think the really big table in the middle can fit 12 people. The food is very reasonably priced. I havn't been in a year so things may have changed. Service is not the best, they are slow, you need patience. Especially with 12 people.

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                I really like Supermarket... went a couple weeks ago and it was delicious. Not cheap per se, but definitely within reach of a student budget, and it's a good price for what you get. They recommend 1.5 to 2 dishes/person, I think, so it's great to go w/ a bunch of ppl to share. Agree that service is slooooow... we ordered another plate after we got our first round of food and they forgot the order. It does turn into a club/lounge after 10pm on weekend though, so not sure if 18 year-olds would be asked to leave.

                Has anyone been to Mini-Market on College? They don't turn into a club at night, and I know they have similar menus (same owners) but I haven't seen it ... would it fit 12 at 1 table?

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                    Would you believe that our table ordered not one dish that the review mentioned, except for the edamame and creme brulee? (Fortunately for us, I guess). We had the veggie pad thai, calamari, sweet potato chips, their very delicious (Brazilian?) steak special (that was the dish we ordered a 2nd time, and got missed). Everything was good, but going to a resto-lounge-club, one doesn't expect *that* much.

                    Service though really was not so good. They didn't spill anything on us, but they were not exactly attentive, and one bartender deserved to be smacked for his attitude. Still, a pleasant night for our group, but I'll be sure to steer clear of those items reviewed in the future.

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                    I don't recommend Mini-Market for a group of students. The food is comparable to Supermarket and the service I had was worse. It was a busy Friday night, but our server stood chatting to the bartender behind the bar ignoring her tables and more than once I had to flag another server over so we could order more drinks/food.
                    Aside from that, I don't find the setup/atmosphere well-suited to 18 year olds.

                    It's too bad Utopia is such a tight squeeze, because their portions and prices are student-friendly; maybe you could book their back section.

                1. what about Kalendar? i think it's big enough for a group if you call in advance. lots of options including pasta, pizza, wraps, salads - lots of international influences, and good affordable wine list. nice ambiance, nice decor, and the younger group won't feel out of place but might feel a bit more mature...

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                    oh this

                    546 College St, Toronto, ON M6G1B1, CA