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Feb 5, 2008 12:23 AM


Please help me find wonderful Meyer Lemons, preferably organic in Manhattan or Brooklyn or .

I found some in December at Grand Central Market, but no longer.

I would love to make some Lemon Preserves, Preserved Lemons Moroccan Style, and just enjoy the wonderful fragrance and delicious taste of this very seasonal fruit.

Any hints about Blood Oranges and Kumquats will be greatly appreciated

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  1. I've seen all three at Eli's on Third Avenue - not sure about organic though. Whole Foods often has Meyer Lemons, but runs out - so it is worth calling. I see blood oranges and kumquats at most markets I go to (Citarella, Garden of Eden, local Korean "delis"), but I doubt any of those are organic.

    Here's an earlier thread on Meyer Lemon spotting:

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      I just got some from Whole Foods at Union Square tonight for $2.99/lb. They had quite a lot on hand, but I don't think organic.
      They also had kumquats and blood oranges.

    2. Please post any Brooklyn suggestions on Fleur's thread on the Outer Boroughs board:

      Thank you.

      1. Grace's Marketplace (71st St & 3rd Ave) regularly has Meyer I believe. You will also find blood oranges at Grace's....even kumquats occasionally.

        1. I picked up some great Meyer lemons at Gourmet Garage in SoHo. Also scored the best blood oranges I've ever had, including those from Sicily and the Amalfi Coast. They were Sunkist from California, but were perfect.

          None of these were organic, though.

          1. Meyer lemons are available at Fairway. But I'm not sure if they are organic. I believe they also had kumquats. Don't recall noticing blood oranges one way or the other. (Oh, and note: Fairway 74th St.)

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              Meyer lemons are available at the 74th St. Fairway, but they are not organic. I haven't actually seen kumquats, there, but it's possible I just missed them.