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Feb 4, 2008 11:36 PM

St. Cloud in Madrona - Yum Yum!!!

We were invited to St. Cloud in Madrona tonight. Earlier this afternoon I looked up their website and perused their menu. The descriptions sounded delicious and as I mentioned to the other half that I was hoping that the food was as good as they made it out to be.

I was not disappointed.

We started the evening with an appetizer of brushcetta with goat cheese, caramelized onions, and roasted pears. I was pleasantly surprised when the appetizer arrived with 3 toasts with cheese and onions and 3 with the cheese and pears. The toasts with the cheese and onions were great, but the cheese and pear combination was divine. Really, I could have just eaten those and been happy, but then of course I would have missed out on my entree.

Their menu is interesting in that their entrees seem to be divided between some simple home cooking (ribs, a burger, grilled chicken sandwich, roast chicken, etc) and fancier fare (which I cannot remember for the life of me). Both me and our guest went with the roast chicken and my boyfriend went with the ribs.

The chicken was perfect. Half of a roast chicken with a nice golden skin and creamy mashed potatoes. My only complaint (and this is *very* minor) is that I felt there was just a tad bit too much black pepper. Otherwise, it was delicious. The ribs were quite impressive for a non-BBQ joint. They weren't quite as tender as I generally like, but had a nice flavor and my boyfriend devoured them.

For dessert I went for their pecan pie with a small side of vanilla ice cream. I believe they use Olympic Mountain ice cream and it was delicious. One of the best vanillas I've ever tasted - really!

Service was great, but the server did forget to put our dessert order in. However, we were having such a great time it was hardly an issue.

Price seemed quite reasonable to me. We got out of there for about $70 for 3 people (no drinks). There's also live music, but we missed it since they were just getting started as we were getting up to leave.

Anyways, I'll definitely go back...and plan to introduce many more people as well.

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  1. Can anyone rave about their brunch? How's their Chicken Fried Steak?

    1. St Cloud's has long been a favorite of ours. In fact, they catered our wedding and it was the perfect meal for us! Whenever we go there, we leave feeling that our expectations were exceeded.

      Note that they also have a really wonderful volunteer event the third Wednesday of every month, in which volunteers bring whatever ingredients they like (except protein items), cutting boards, knives and a willing heart. Everyone works together to create a menu to feed 200 people at various shelters in the city like the YWCA, Jubilee House, Men's Inn, etc. http://www.stclouds.com/NewFiles/comm...
      I've been participating since 2001 and can't say enough great things about it.

      1. Just got back from a great brunch at St. Cloud's.
        Corned beef hash - Best I've had. Big clumps of very tasty, moist corned beef with potatoes,peppers and onion cooked perfectly. They poach the eggs hard if you dont specify. Geraldine's was previously my favorite.
        Country breakfast - Chicken fried steak (tender, tasty beef) with a very good bacon gravy. If only they offered bisquits...
        The Brunch is offered only on Sat. and Sun. from 9AM and very popular.

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          I'm thinking about dragging the husband out to brunch on Sunday. How bad is the wait? 20 minutes or an hour? He has yet to forgive me for the Pancake House breakfast in Kirkland where we waited for 1.5 hours for a table.

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            St Cloud brunch is great. I can highly recommend the corn beef hash and the biscuits and gravy.

            I've never had a long wait, but I probably brunch later than most early-rising Seattlites. There's almost always a spot at the counter.

            BTW, if you like St Cloud for lunch Geraldine's in Columbia City is very similar and also very good.

            ...and while I'm plugging brunch spots, I think the best chicken fried steak brunch I've had in Seattle is at Norm's in Fremont. And as a Texan, I will humbly claim that I know a good CFS when I encounter one.