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Oct 23, 2001 10:26 AM

Lunch near Pierce College?

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Now that I have dinner taken care of (see Wiltern thread), can anyone steer me to a good lunch place near Pierce College on Winnetka? (Don't even ask why I have such as weird itinerary!)

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  1. Mo's on Ventura (used to be a branch of Stanley's), just west of DeSoto, has pretty good salads, burgers, etc.

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      1 mie west of Pierce on Topnga & Erwin next to Toy's R' Us is Pizza Cookery! Awesome salads! An amazing array of sandwiches and some hearty pasta dishes!

      I eat vegitarian, so I stick to the salads, (house itailian rocks there)but they have the best fresh baked rolls w/ garlic infused into them in the west valley, or the whole valley for the record!

      Hope that helps also!

    2. The northwestern boundary of Pierce College is Victory Boulevard and DeSoto Avenue in Canoga Park. From that intersection, walk, drive, bicycle, or skate one block north to Vanowen Street. In a little strip mall just east of DeSoto sits Uncle Mike's Italian Restaurant, an unpretentious formica table joint at 20844 Vanowen. Rolly-polly Uncle Mike usually sits at a table right inside the front door, presiding over his harem. The college students and staff have been munching there for years. Mike's awesome Italian Sandwiches have kept me driving there for his simple and comforting food from a distance of 25 miles away for as long as I can remember. My favorites are the steak Italiano, the fried sausage, onions, mushrooms & peppers, and the steak pizzaiola sandwiches. Each of these monster creations, dripping with olive oil from the frying griddle, cost a little over $6. The menu is extensive, crammed with southern Italian dishes (shrimp fra diavolo, chicken cacciatore, pastas) but I invariably go for the sandwiches. Uncle Mike lost his beer & wine license, so either bring your own or get the soft drinks.

      1. There is a branch of Ba Le restaurant called Ba Le Valley at 7223 DE SOTO AVE. It's 1/2 a mile from Pierce near the corner of Sherman Way and De Soto. They have Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches.