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Oct 23, 2001 04:50 AM

El Gran Burrito

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On the way to Riverside last week we stopped at the AAA AutoClub office in Chino. It was lunch time and near the AAA office there was El Gran Burrito. My wife was in the mood for Mexican food and so we tried El Gran. What a Grand idea.

El Gran is set up like Rubio Baja Grill but it's so much better. I had the chicken burrito and my wife and the fish tacos. My burrito which was filled with white meat chicken, beans, and rice was huge. I could only finish half of it. My wife's fish tacos were the best she's had in a long time. They gave free chips and salsa with every order.

El Gran and the AAA office is on Philadelphia St right off the 60 freeway and Central Ave. We noticed a seafood place called Crabby Bob's on Central. We put that into our places to go list next time we head out to Riverside.

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  1. Isn't that funny? During my undergrad at UCR, I lived in Moreno Valley, and there was this little Mexican restaurant tucked in the back of the shopping center, (where no one could see it) that my roommates and I used to frequent. It was another El Gran Burrito. I loved to go there for their salsa bar. Don't remember what I would order, but I would thoroughly exploit their refillable chips policy. But, I believe that that El Gran Burrito is gone now, I hope I didn't cause it...