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Feb 4, 2008 09:25 PM

Big Issue-Kosher Deli in Brooklyn

Ok fellow chowhounders, this is an emergency issue. we need our collective mind to come together on this one:

I love cole slaw, i love deli hot dogs and I love stuffed deli sandwhiches. With the closing of Essex on Coney, kosher delis are becoming an ever increasingly endangered species.

Ave T deli is not up to kosher par with me. And I would like to stay within Southern Brooklyn.

Now what?!

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  1. I had heard that Essex in Brooklyn was sold, and would be relocating to the site of Caravelle restaurant on Avenue M. Can anyone else confirm this?

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    1. re: Bzdhkap

      True that - also, it is now going to be under the same management as Essex Downtown.

      1. re: Bzdhkap

        I was wondering when Caravelle would be packing up.

        Seriously, where am I getting my brisket sandwhiches?

        1. re: brooklynyid

          The owner says he will be opening on March 1.

      2. palace grill on J has deli sandwiches but I can't vouch for them (never had one there)

        1. I myself made the switch over to Subways when I find myself over in Brooklyn, Ave J area. Their double stuffed foot long sub is quite filling. I do like a real sandwich, in fact I just went to Traditions last night in Lawrence and had a triple decker, but I do like the inclusion of veggies to be desirable at times.