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Feb 4, 2008 08:27 PM

Marinated Tofu Banh Mi/"Tofu Hoagie"?

I just got back from a weekend in Philly, where I was introduced to what was termed a "tofu hoagie" at a Korean deli--basically, a marinated tofu banh mi with some sort of spicy sauce. Does anyone know if any of the local banh mi places have something equivalent?

(The intarwebs being what they are, I can even link to a picture of one from the very same deli I was at: ).

Fu-Wah Mini Market
810 S 47th St, Philadelphia, PA

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  1. The best I have found is the not-listed-on-menu "#9" at one of the banh mi places in Eden Center - the one that is one or two doors to the left of the Four Sisters (i.e., just around the corner from it) and that is owned by the same folks. Song Que maybe?

    1. Check out this timely article in WaPo:
      They specifically mention one place that does a veggie banh mi but I know that at least one of the others does as well . . .

      1. Pho Hot in Annandale has an odd banh mi on its vegetarian menu:

        Fried tofu, potato, yam rice noodle, roasted dark rice served with french bread and cucumber, cilantro, carrot, and special home made soy sauce.

        No idea if it's any good, but their bread is great (I've had it with their banh mi bo kho).

        1. Sigh... I just came across yoyr pist because i was craving THE SAME TOFU BAHN MI FROM PHILLY. Sad day.