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Feb 4, 2008 08:08 PM

Grand Sichuan Jersey City and West Village

Just tried out Grand Sichuan Jersey city new location.I was told that the chef is the head chef of Grand Sichuan on 9th Ave & 50st (I think that one was closed last year). Food is delicious as always, if you don’t mind dining environment that much (They said they’re waiting for the work permit from DOB to renovate the space). I heard that they’re going to open a new one on 7th Ave South. That’s more close to my work place. Can’t wait.
I checked their website and was deeply impressed! Owners of this Chinese restaurant are even thinking about using internet to collect clients' thoughts, looking for ways to improve and advance. I wish a big success for them.

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  1. Where is the JC location? Is the menu the same as the 9th ave was? Do they have fresh kill chicken and Mao's favorites?

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      They're still in transition, so they're only offering 15 items from the Grand Sichuan menu. They're in the space currently occupied by DJ Garden Noodle Shop on Grove right off Newark. I went last night and had a chat with the chef and manager, and they explained that they won't be fully up and running for about another month, which is when they'll officially change the name and unveil the full menu. They're still developing the menu and they welcome input from customers (I begged for the "three greens" from the 9th ave location and soup dumplings, which they said they will have). Last night, my boyfriend and I had Cucumbers with Scallion Sauce, Double Cooked Pork, Spicy Chinese Broccoli and Dry Sauteed String Beans. We tried ordering Shredded Duck with String Bean but were told that the duck wasn't up to par, so the chef wouldn't make it. Everything was DELICIOUS. The ambience isn't good, but with food that good, I just don't care! I'm thrilled that they're in our neighborhood, and I urge everyone to go support them if you love great Chinese food.


      1. Had delivery from here last weekend -- great! I had the double cooked pork and the shredded potato dishes. Very similar quality to the Manhattan branches.

        Grand Sichuan
        342 Grove St, Jersey City, NJ 07302