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Oct 22, 2001 09:50 PM

Good dinner near Wiltern Theater?

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I'm going to a concert at the Wiltern Theater, and would like to eat nearby. Suggestions?

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  1. When I was going to a lot of concerts at the Wiltern, I'd always go to the Sizzler down the street. Not what you had in mind, I'd expect.

    There's the fancy-schmantzy Atlas, next door to the Wiltern on Wilshire. Otherwise, I'm guessing, you'll have to eat somewhere and then drive to the theater.

    Or, you could park near Hollywood & Gower, check previous strings on where to eat near the Pantages, and then take the subway to the Wiltern. Only problem is, the subway stops doesn't really run late enough to accomodate theater-goers.

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      There used to be a fantastically good Soon Tofu place on Western just North of the Wiltern. It was called Myung Dong. Fucking out of this world. If anyone knows whether they reopened somewhere please let me know.

      A little ways East on Wilshire, however, you can still have reasonable Soon Tofu at the BCD Tofu house. There's also the former brown derby which is now a Korean mini-mall. Careful observers will have noted a very tiny brown derby on the top floor. This is a Korean restaurant that specializes in Pho. I haven't tried it, but I have tried (and can highly recommend) the curry place on the ground floor of the same mini - mall. Most people will be familiar with this style of curry from Japanese restaurants, but apparently it's a Korean thing, too, tasty brown curry sauce over pork, chicken, hamburger(!) or anything else, always accompanied by a neat mound of rice and some shredded ginger and onions.

      Around the corner for there is the HMS Bounty which is a great bar that also serves great steaks and serviceable fish dishes and sandwiches.

      Also right by the Brown Derby is the Brass Monkey karaoke bar. The food isn't worth mentioning, but you can enjoy it in the presence of an amazingly diverse crowd singing their fool heads off. Don't count on getting a song in if you plan to make it to your show at the Wiltern, though.


    2. Don't eat at the Atlas, awful food. Walking distance from the Wiltern, on Western 1/2 block north, is Woo Lae Oak. "Upscale" Korean, lovely room, great food. That's where I go when I go to the Wiltern.

      If you're willing to make two stops, Wilshire and Arlington there's a new Shabu Shabu place, (Shabu Shabu Station), where they give you way too much food. Also a nice room. If you're looking for something a little more on the divey-side -- there are a zillion great little Koreatown places already discussed here.

      1. Thanks for all the help! If I end up having a great (or really bad) meal, I'll post back.

        1. Taylor's
          Soot Bull Jeep

          1. My favorite place in that neighborhood is a little Korean noodle shop that's catty-corner across the metro red line park from the wiltern. Kang Seo Myun Oak, 3033 W. 6th St. (213) 382-1717. really terrific cold noodles, etc.