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Feb 4, 2008 06:18 PM

SOS Mr. Mervine (& Others)!

Mr. Mervine! I know you have a plethora of information, and would greatly appreciate any suggestions!

I will be landing in Orlando on the 15th just a bit past midnight, and will be leaving the following Tuesday evening. I will be in the Winter Park area. I was hoping if there were any suggestions on late-night eateries? (The only thing I found was Beto's (24 hours; found mixed reviews) and Sonic's (that opens until 2am).

I am up for any cuisine and am willing to try something new. Anywhere for really great, crispy gyros? How about for great braised oxtail over rice (as found in African cuisine)?

Also, I made reservations at at Le Coq Au Vin and Ali Baba. Any feedback on those restaurants, and what to order (I know that Ali Baba is also a buffet)?

Just to give a little history of the places I've visited the last time I was in Orlando, I've enjoyed the Kobe Steakhouse (everything was amazing, especially their noodles and that unbelievable white sauce!), Ruth's Chris (loved the steak!), Royal Thai (great Panang Curry), Sonny's BBQ (loved the cornbread and the pulled pork), Chik-Fil-A (loved the nuggets), Bagel King (just okay), Fudruckers, Pollo Tropical (loved the chicken), Five Guys' burgers (loved the burgers and the cajun-esque(?) fries), and the galbi dinner at Shin Jung. I've also tried Kohinoor, La Granja, Patsio's Diner, Gizmo's Sushi, and Jeremiah's Soft-Serve (loved the swirl soft-serve!).

The one place that I have NOT enjoyed was the Crazy Buffet (bad sushi, poor selection). Maybe it was a bad day I went?

Price range really doesn't matter; I guess, cheaper the better, but also prefer quality over quantity (although I would not mind buffets!). Hole-in-the wall places would be awesome, being a tad bit romantic even better!

Here is a list I've compiled so far:
For Cafes:
1. Austins Coffee
2. Palmano's Espresso Bar

For Breakfast:
1. Park Plaza Gardens
2. Briarpatch Restaurant

For Eateries:
1. Mediterranean Deli
2. Tony's Deli
3. Johnson's Diner
4. Cafe Tu Tu Tango
5. Ceviche
6. Nile Ethiopian Cuisine
7. Black Bean Deli
8. Ali Baba (made reservations)
9. Millie's Jamaican Cafe
10. Caribbean Sunshine & Bakery
11. Taquitos Jalisco
12. Midnight Blue
13. Le Coq Au Vin (made reservations)

For Dessert:
1. Charlie's Gourmet Pastries
2. The Dessert Lady

THANK YOU (and others) for all the help in advance!!! ;D

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  1. First, I am sad to report that Mr. Mervine passed away.

    Cafe's: Infusion Tea

    For African: Boma or Jiko at Disney

    for late night: There is a Pita Pit in winter park near Rollins thats open until 3am

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    1. re: cherylp3

      I've been to Pita Pit before (in Chicago) and I did not like it.

    2. I've only been to the Winter Park location of Taqiuitos Jalisco (strip mall-looks like nothing from the outside) and it was fantastic. I tried tiny bites of everything my table had and really enjoyed it- reminded us of the great Mex food we would get at tiny places in Nor Cal.
      Don't get to Orlando much... Others on the board will chime in to help.

      -not a low priced buffet but if you are a big slab o meat fan, there's Texas de Brazil over there on I drive. Men with meat on large skewers... I did enjoy the salad bar but after a while the meat all tasted the same. They give you a little GO/STOP thing to flip over which alerts the strolling meat-men that you do or don't desire more... I would skip the coffee- twice it's been AWFUL.

      You liked Sonny's BBQ? Hmm...... maybe someone on here can rec a better Q place (in my opinion ANY place is better!)

      Have fun!

      1. I was in Orlando a few months ago and absolutely loved The Ravenous Pig. DH is trying to find a way to fly in to Orlando on business again just so he can go to The Ravenous Pig. Prices are very reasonable for the quality. If you're looking to go more inexpensive, they've got a pub menu with the most expensive item topping out at $13.