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Feb 4, 2008 06:04 PM

Good Restaurant in Penn State

Hello! My boyfriend and I will be going to Penn State next Monday for a concert at the Bryce Jordan Center and are looking for a nice place for dinner before the show. Preferably we are looking for a nicer-style restaurant with a decent wine list. Any recommendations??

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  1. People always reference Zola as the go-to PSU restaurant. While its good, I liked to get away from downtown State College at times. That being said, I also recommend Gamble Mill Inn in Bellefont or Alto's Italian (owned by the same people who own Zola) . They are hands down my 2 favorite restaurants in the area. Also, Kelly's Steak and Seafood in Boalsburg is a good and popular choice, although I prefer Gamble Mill...

    You can google them to see the menus!

    1. Likely not what you are looking for (nicer-style, wine list) but Indian Pavilion is a great find on Calder Way.... Not so many State College threads, so someone might see this while searching.

      1. Hi cbritton. I've been wanting to try Zola's for awhile because I've heard it is very very good. But it is also fairly expensive. For a bit cheaper of a meal, but one that is still nice I would try Kelly's Steak and Seafood in Boalsburg, which is just 10 or 15 minutes away from campus and the BJC. They have nice steaks and seafood, but also have a large selection of sandwiches. Check out their website here:

        Also, downtown (near the Indian Pavilion, actually) is The Tavern, which is a very nice restaurant with steaks, seafood, and numerous chicken dishes.

        For any of these restaurants, I would be sure to call ahead and make reservations!

        Have a great time in State College

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          I would say the Tavern and Zola's are pretty much in the same price range. I have never eaten at the Tavern so can't say anything about the food. Zola's is, unfortunately, rather inconsistent, but I've found it's safe to stay with the appetizers (don't get the Asian calamari salad, though). Great cocktails, good bar tender.

        2. The Corner Room is always nice. Great milk shakes. The ambiance is nicer on the second floor. I have never been disappointed in either.

          1. I am not sure if I am posting too late or not but another great restaurant is Faccia Luna, on a Atherton St. They have a great selection of pastas and wood-fired pizzas that are all very reasonalby priced. Try the chicken ravioli!


            Personally, I think the food at the Tavern is over-rated. The Allen Street Grill (above the corner room) hasbetter food and a great atmosphere. See if you can request a table next one of the front windows to look out over College Avenue.

            Hope you enjoy!