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Feb 4, 2008 05:41 PM

evanston, rogers park

I'll be out there later this week. I'd like to get a quick sandwich in evanston, and I'd like to get dinner at a bar in rogers park. I'm looking for cheap grub, and regional stuff is a plus.

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  1. There's a tiny "hole in the wall" place for sandwiches in Evanston, open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, closed Wednesdays. It's called Al's Deli. The made-to-order sandwiches are excellent. It's primarily carry-out, although they have 3-4 tables that 2-3 people can squish themselves at. They also have terrific homemade cookies, including chocolate chip cookies as good as the best homemade ones you've ever had.

    Al's Deli
    914 Noyes St.
    Evanston IL 60201
    Tel: (847) 475-9400

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      I actually MUCH prefer Rollin' To Go for a sandwich, which is right next door to Al's Deli. To me, Al's is pretty boring save for one or two options and not enjoyable to sit at. Rollin' however, has lots of options with bread, sauces, etc. and their potato chips are yummy! Also, it's a nice place to sit for a little while ... but you can also take it "to go" :)

      As for a bar in rogers park with good grub, I don't have many good suggestions for you. However, if you are willing to go a little further south, I would highly recommend The Hopleaf. ( Amazing and wide selection of beer and their mussels and frites are a must try. Not super cheap but worth every penny. Other food items not so great though so if you're not in the mood for mussels I dunno. You might also want to stay in evanston for a bar dinner as there are some decent options. Prarie Moon, Nevin's, Celtic Knot, and Bar Louie (a Chicago chain) are all good options for food, drink, and ambiance IMO.

      Good luck!

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        That's funny, because I find Rollin 2 Go to be the "boring" place, one of those inexpensive ersatz Italian places that offers a lot of items (including pizza and pasta) and doesn't do any of them particularly well. Al's Deli has been there for a while and is well known in the Evanston area as THE place to go for carry-out sandwiches, owned and run by two brothers who are always there, six days a week. If you go at lunchtime, you'll find they do a huge business for such a small place, but it's worth the short wait. Yup, not the most comfortable place to eat, but if you want the best sandwiches, especially for carry-out, that's the place to go, end of story. And oh, those cookies!

        For the bar dinner, I agree with the recommendation for Hop Leaf, in Andersonville roughly two miles south of Rogers Park.

    2. Check out the Morseland on Morse (just west of Sheridan) for dinner at a bar. It's a great little place with good service and above-par bar food. Their soups are generally excellent and their beer list stand out as really good for a neighborhood bar.

      1. Wiener and Still Champion is always a good option. Try the fried pickle chips.

        802 Dempster

        1. I don't know why my original post didn't come up but here's the basic idea. For a dinner bar in Roger's Park, check out the Morseland. Decent food, good wine and beer selection as well. The jerk chicken is great (yes great), the soups are always excellent (made from scratch), and the service welcoming. Seriously, it's a really good neighborhood bar. Regionally, it's not "Chicago" food, but I assure you it's the best choice for what you want.

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            > I don't know why my original post didn't come up

            Your previous post is still there, above. When you return to a Chowhound topic you previously viewed, it "collapses" all the posts that were there during your previous display of the topic, leaving only the usernames for those posts; it shows the complete text of any posts that have been created since then. You can view any of the previous posts by clicking on the username to expand that single post, or by clicking where it says "expand all" to view all previous posts.

          2. Oh ye of little faith - Rogers Park has some great eats. I like Grande on Clark for inexpensive yummy sushi. Heartland on Lunt for good hearty breakfasts. I will claim Uncommon Grounds on Devon even though technically it is Edgewater. Great drinks and local comfort food. I like Big Buns and Pita on Clark for their Fatoush Salad. Very fresh! Morseland is a good choice with a great dj. Also a new coffee shop (again technically Edgewater but on Devon) Stella serves Intelligentsia coffee and Southport Grocery cupcakes.

            Evanston - I like the Stained Glass for wine and appetizers (try their cheese plate!). Lulu's Dim Sum and then Sum for their munch a brunch. Lucky Platter is fun for comfort food and good salads.