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Asbury Park / Ocean Grove Area

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Looking for suggestions for an anniversary dinner in the Asbury/O.G. area. We like Brick Wall Tavern but want something a bit more romantic in setting. BYOB would be great!

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  1. Taka on Mattison is BYO and the food is wonderful. The room is pretty, but I am not sure I'd call it romantic. Food is Japanese. By far the most romantic place in AP is Moonstruck, but it's not a BYO.

    1. Hi All. Is any body Know some ..any good restaurant and good live music in middlesex, or around nj. please

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      1. Bistro Ole is both romantic (though busy, and we lost the chef) and BYO.

        market in the middle is your best bet, even though it is not BYO, the wines are low mark-ups. Get a room in back.

        1. Sorry - but these people are all missiing the point. There is only one choice for you and it is Moonstruck. Even the name implies romance right? There are many very
          good establishments in Asbury now - but the oldest and still the best is, yes I'll say it again Moonstruck.

          My rating: (5) stars out of (5)

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            If the food at Moonstruck is like it was in Ocean Grove, based on my experience there, it isn't close to 5-star. Possibly 2. Also, since Moonstruck has only been in Asbury Park for a few years, it does not wualify as the oldest. Back in the day, we used to go to Posillipo, which we considered fine dining. It's still there and so would rank at least as one of the oldest. I've been meaning to give it a try again because from what I've heard, the food's still pretty good. And acc. to their website, they still have evenings featuring opera and show tunes. Hmmm.... Could be just the place for monkeyface's anniversary dinner.


            Edited to add: Well, Posillipo is not possible. They're closed until March.