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Feb 4, 2008 05:30 PM

Pizza at Terra Rustica in Briarcliff Manor

Drove by the other day and saw a banner hanging outside stating that they have thin crust brick oven pizza. Has anyone tried it? Also, I read somewhere that they were recently taken over by the owners of Rustico in Scarsdale. Is that a good thing?

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  1. I went there last week with my wife and a friend of ours for her b'day. They wanted to partake of the all you can eat mussels (Mon & Tues - $14.95). I decided to give the pizza a try. I had the one with Salami, Sausage and Prosciutto (although I asked them to hold the proscuitto and add more sausage). All in all the pizza was fine. Nothing to write home about. The bottom of the crust was rather limp. And there wasn't all that much cheese on the pizza.

    As an aside, my wife and our friend were very happy with their mussels.

    1. I used to love Terra Rustica. I think the qulaity of the food has suffered with the new owners, I ate there a few weeks ago and was not impressed. I think the food is now hit or miss whereas with the old owners everything was always good