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Oct 22, 2001 07:29 PM

My Father's Office Sunday

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So, after playing a little bocce ball on the beach, finally made it to Father's Office. I had a KCRW gift certificate which I was very excited about getting after I heard the description of the hamburger here on Good Food. I felt all the praise was well deserved. For those of you that don't know the background, this local bar on Montanna near 10th in Santa Monica was bought by a chef. Forgive me, I don't know his name or where he worked before. Anyway, it's a charming little place that is modern and simple in decor. It is a beer and wine only establishment, but the beer and wine selections are vast and tasteful. Many good beers on tap with a knowledgeable staff that will describe them and let you sample as many as you like before you choose.

The food was really good. Kind of an evolved bar food. There were four of us. We started with two different kinds of the olive tapas. The Spicy one that had olives, parsley, and almond slivers and the Spanish one that had chunks of a mild garlic that was fantastic. Both were really flavorful and accompanied the offered beverages perfectly. Then came the burger. Oh my gosh! We shared two between the four of us. If you don't like cheese, don't bother. I love cheese. First of all the chef has sought out various aged quality beef that he grinds himself, garnished with bleu cheese, another cheese (forgot what), carmelized onions, arugula and the perfect bun. Very important to remember this is how the burger always comes. The menu states No Alterations/No Substitutions. We also had the sweet potato fries that were served with a bleu cheese aioli. Best darn fries I've ever had.

What a great Sunday!

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  1. The chef's name is Sang Yoon. He used to be at Michael's and Chinois, in addition to training in France, although he is a Santa Monica native.

    I was in last Wednesday for a promised off-the-menu uni risotto, but unfortunately he was unable to procure the uni on short notice. Our party instead enjoyed the brandade, marinated montrachet cheese, jambon serrano, warm almonds and a provencal style marinated garlic vegetable dish. We drank trocken german riesling, alsatian riesling, cotes du rhone syrah, california carignanne, and a mosel gold kapsule auslese. A fine time was had by all.

    I admit that Sang is a friend, and even though he still owes me an uni risotto, I still only have nice things to say. But, be aware that food service stops at 10 p.m.

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      Quite an impressive wine selection. Are they on the menu -- and how are the prices?

      1. re: Jeff Shore

        I'm embarassed to say that I did not spend sufficient time studying the wine list. My recollection is that the offerings are varied, weighted towards current vintages (as is typical), and priced well within the realm of reason.

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        Vanessa On The Town

        Thanks for the additional info!

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          My pleasure. The cabrales stuffed figs are pretty yummy as well. I omitted them from my original post. Funny how you start to miss brain cells once they're gone.

      3. Freakishly, my girlfriend and I wandered in to Father's Office the Tuesday before it was written up in the Times. We told our boyfriends we were going out for a walk, for exercise, but we only walked as far as 14th & Montana when passing by the perfectly (low) lit place, we suddenly became VERY thirsty -whew!- and hungry. Hopelessly girlishly, we had the most refreshing hard cider to ever pass our lips and shared everything - the olives, soft shell crab po'boy, and the (market) basket of fries. The fries were so freakin' perfectly crisp and seasoned. Yum. Can't wait for our next "walk!"